Passenger refuses to give up first-class airplane seat for child, asks if she is in the wrong

Passenger refuses to give up first-class seat for child in economy

Giving up seats for others has always been a contentious issue — be it on the MRT train, or even flights.

This was the case for a woman recently, who was asked to give up her first-class airplane seat to a child.

She ended up not doing so, claiming that this upset the passenger who requested her for the change.

Passenger refuses to give up first-class seat for child

Posting to the AITAH Reddit forum on 7 July, the OP, 21, shared that a few weeks ago, her 27-year-old boyfriend surprised her with a first-class ticket for a long-haul flight, wanting to treat her after doing well in his career.

“I was really excited because I’d never flown first-class before,” the OP shared. This would be her first time flying first-class, having grown up in a “lower middle class” family.

The post did not specify the airline or the couple’s destination details.

However, she shared that they had “two connecting 12-hour flights” on an airline that “has a very high rated first-class for those long flights”.

About 20 minutes before take-off, a flight attendant approached her with a woman and a child who appeared to be around six years old.

The woman then explained she had booked a first-class tickets for herself and her son. However, a booking error caused him to have a seat in economy.

“She asked if I would be willing to switch seats with her son so he could experience first-class as well,” the OP said.

Flight attendant was insistent on passenger giving up first-class seat

She then denied the request, noting that she wanted to enjoy the gift from her boyfriend.

The upset mother proceeded to argue the case for her son, stating that he would appreciate the seat more.

She added that the OP being in the seat was unfair because she didn’t pay for the ticket herself.

The flight attendant also appeared to support the woman’s view and seemed to imply that the OP should be more understanding.

After a minute of back-and-forth, the OP’s boyfriend — who is allegedly a platinum member of the airline — got involved by threatening to take his business elsewhere should the stewardess downgrade his partner.

“Eventually, the woman went back… with her son,” the OP said. “But throughout the flight, I could feel the flight attendant glaring at me every time she passed by.”

Netizens urge her to report the airline

While her boyfriend explained that she did nothing wrong, some of her friends thought she should have given up the seat to the child.

This would have been the kind thing to do, they said.

She then asked the forum if she was in the wrong, to which the majority of users replied in the negative, encouraging her to instead report the airline.

One netizen noted that the mother of the child did not want to give up first-class either.

At the same time, the flight attendant presumably did not want to look after the six-year-old in economy.

Source: Reddit

Others opined that the woman should have confronted the airline regarding the booking error, instead of attempting to “guilt trip” a fellow passenger to switch her seat.

Source: Reddit

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‘I’m sick!’: Elderly woman in China causes scene on plane after young lady refused to switch seats

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UK rioters overturn police car & set bus on fire, no injuries reported

Rioters protest in Leeds after children allegedly removed from family

A massive riot recently took place in Leeds, the United Kingdom (UK), reported BBC.

At around 5pm BST on Thursday (18 July), Leeds police were alerted to a riot at Luxor Street in the Harehills area.

According to CNBC TV18, the unrest occurred after the social services allegedly took away four children from a family of East European descent.

One of the children had been hospitalised to receive treatment for an injury a few days earlier. The injury was caused by one of the siblings.

Hospital staff reported the incident to social services, leading to the children being removed from their family.

However, authorities have not yet confirmed the full details of the situation.

Rioters take to the streets, setting bus on fire & damaging property

The situation intensified over time, with large crowds of rioters reportedly gathered on the streets.

Footage of damaged vehicles, fires, and debris scattered on the streets circulated on social media.

Source: @nadim235td on TikTok

A video from X user @OliLondonTV shows a parked bus being engulfed by a massive fire, with flames seemingly spreading to nearby property as well.

Thick black smoke was seen rising into the sky.

A spokesperson from First Bus confirmed that two vehicles were involved, though no drivers or passengers were injured.

In another clip of the protest, hundreds of rioters can be seen on the streets as a fire burns.

Bystanders also shared footage of rioters overturning a police vehicle on social media.

Locals also witnessed rioters “attacking” and “throwing things at the police cars”.

British politicians condemn riots

Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, a West Yorkshire MP, expressed shock and dismay at the disturbing scenes.

Condemning the violence, she said: “Disorder of this nature has no place in our society.”

The mayor of West Yorkshire confirmed there were no serious injuries and urged people not to exploit the incident to stir up community tensions.

Yorkshire police assured they’d fully investigate and make sure those responsible for the unrest are held accountable.

“All criminal offences, including damage to vehicles from fire, will be fully investigated,” the police said.

“The full weight of the law will be brought against those responsible.”

According to Sky News, local police believe that the unrest was “instigated by a criminal minority intent on disrupting community relations”.

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Riots Break Out In Brussels After Morocco Beat Belgium In World Cup 2022, Police Mobilised

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Featured image adapted from @nadim235td on TikTok, @OliLondonTV on X, and @OliLondonTV on X.

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Japan Ready to Resume Suspended Official Development Assistance Projects

  • The Rapid Debt Restructuring Reflects International Confidence in the President’s Leadership – Head of the Japanese Delegation Dr. IZUMI Hiroto.

Dr. IZUMI Hiroto, the head of the Japanese delegation visiting Sri Lanka, lauded the successful completion of the country’s debt restructuring process, noting that it has paved the way for the resumption of Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects. These projects, which include several initiatives that were suspended last period, are now poised to restart, signaling a renewed phase of cooperation and development.

Dr. Hiroto highlighted that the international community’s confidence in President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s leadership is strongly reflected in the expedited success of the debt restructuring agreements. This achievement, accomplished in partnership with the Official Creditors’ Committee and the International Monetary Fund, underscores a remarkable turnaround for Sri Lanka.

The high-level Japanese delegation, comprising representatives from the housing, construction, and urban sectors, met with President Ranil Wickremesinghe at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (18).

During the meeting, Dr. IZUMI Hiroto highlighted the successful completion of Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring process and announced that projects under Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA), including those previously suspended, are set to resume.

The discussion also focused on new investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, emphasizing the potential for enhanced cooperation between the two nations. The delegation expressed their appreciation for Sri Lanka’s economic progress and the swift achievement of debt restructuring agreements in collaboration with the Official Creditors’ Committee and the International Monetary Fund. They praised President Wickremesinghe’s leadership in navigating the country through its financial challenges, which has restored international confidence and paved the way for renewed development initiatives.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, recalling Japan’s invaluable support during Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring process, emphasized Sri Lanka’s commitment to deepening economic cooperation with Japan across various sectors, including education and agricultural modernization. The President stressed the importance of resuming stalled projects under Japanese cooperation to further strengthen bilateral relations.

Additionally, President Wickremesinghe highlighted the critical role of the Colombo Dockyard, underscoring its significance as a key institution in Sri Lanka s maritime and industrial landscape.

The Japanese delegation noted that several projects that are currently suspended, including the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) Development Project, the Colombo Port Eastern Terminal Development Project, the Central Expressway Construction and the Digital Broadcasting Project, can be promptly restarted.

Additionally, the delegation highlighted the potential to resume the Light Railway Transit (LRT), which was halted by the previous government. They are actively assessing locations to re-implement this project, recognizing its significant potential to alleviate traffic congestion in Colombo city.

Both sides emphasized the significance of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in executing housing for low-income earners and other urban development projects. It was also highlighted that the Government of Sri Lanka is committed to promoting environmentally friendly projects and renewable energy in line with its policies and international agreements.

The Japanese delegation expressed their willingness to the President to recruit Sri Lankan graduates in the field of technology for job opportunities in Japan’s private sector. This initiative aims to improve the electricity supply sector in Japan. The delegation also highlighted the Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM), which encompasses projects designed to promote environmental sustainability by utilizing advanced Japanese technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Chief of Presidential Staff and Senior Advisor to the President on National Security Sagala Ratnayaka, Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka H.E. Mizukoshi Hideaki, Chairman of the Board – Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Mr. MAEDA Tadashi, Presidential Senior Advisor to the President on Economic Affairs Dr. R. H. S. Samaratunga, and the Managing Director/CEO of the Colombo Dockyard PLC Mr. Thimira S. Godakumbura, along with representatives from several leading businesses in Japan attended the discussion.

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Global IT outage: Most airlines’ check-in operations restored at Changi Airport as of 20 July morning

Most check-in operations restored at Changi Airport after global IT outage

On Friday (19 July), a Windows update caused a worldwide IT outage, crashing several systems including those at airports.

Changi Airport was not spared, with airlines resorting to carrying out manual check-ins for passengers, reported The Straits Times (ST).

The airport has since updated that most check-in operations for passengers have returned to the status quo.

Most services restored at Changi Airport after global IT outage

On Saturday (20 July) at 6.14am, Changi Airport shared via a Facebook post that check-in operations for most airlines affected by the IT outage have “returned to normal”.

Source: Changi Airport on Facebook

However, a small number of airlines still require manual check-ins for passengers.

“Changi Airport is supporting these airlines with additional resources,” the airport said. “For passengers affected, we seek your patience and understanding.”

In response to a query on the names of the airlines that still required passengers to manually check-in, Changi Airport said:

We are unable to advise on specific airlines check in situations.

Source: Changi Airport on Facebook

“You may wish to contact your airline directly for more information,” they added. “We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.”

Ground staff provided passengers with drinks and snacks

On 19 July at 6.58pm, check-in operations for passengers were still unavailable due to the global IT outage, according to a separate Facebook post by Changi Airport.

Source: Changi Airport on Facebook

The airport added that they were working with their partners to bring in additional resources to support the manual check-in process.

In addition, ground staff at the airport provided assistance to affected passengers.

This came in the form of drinks and snacks provided to them, as seen in the attached pictures.

Source: Changi Airport on Facebook

IT outage a result of defect in software update

ST reported that only one out of 490 scheduled flights from Singapore on 19 July was cancelled.

More than 40 experienced delays, however, as a result of the outage.

Affected airlines included Scoot, Jetstar, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific Air.

Flights across the world, such as in the US and Germany, experienced similar delays and cancellations.

Data from aviation analytics company Cirium showed that airlines had to cancel about 1,390 flights globally, as of 6pm in Singapore.

The widespread IT outage was the result of a software update by cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, one of the world’s most popular cybersecurity firms.

CrowdStrike Chief Executive Officer George Kurtz said on X that there had been a “defect” in a “single content update” for Windows hosts.

“The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed,” he said.

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Traveller in India given handwritten boarding pass as worldwide IT outage affects airports

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Luxury Apartments in Colombo’s CBD See 48% Price Increase from 2018 to 2023

In 2023, overseas interest in Sri Lankan properties surged by 33% compared to the previous year, as reported in the Real Estate Market Outlook Report 2024 (REMOR24) by LankaPropertyWeb, the leading real estate portal in Sri Lanka.

According to the report, the demand for residential apartments in Sri Lanka is set to dominate the market landscape by 2025, particularly in the Western Province, with Colombo leading at 90.6%, followed by Gampaha at 8.9%, and Kalutara at 0.5%. The most sought-after apartment configuration remains the 3-bedroom layout. Notably, search traffic for residential apartments saw significant increases from key markets including the USA and Canada (23%), the United Kingdom (20%), Australia and New Zealand (17%), and the UAE (5%), driven by expatriates attracted to the investment potential amidst a notable depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee against major currencies like the US dollar and British pound.

The report also highlights a substantial rise in average asking prices per square foot in Colombo 1-15 and surrounding suburbs. Luxury apartments in the Colombo CBD (Central Business District) area built before 2015 showed a noteworthy 48% increase in square foot prices from 2018 to 2023. In terms of location preference, Colombo 6 ranked highest among overseas buyers for purchasing residential apartments, while Colombo 2 was preferred among local buyers. For rental preferences, Colombo 6 maintained its top spot among both overseas and local renters.

In the residential housing market, overseas interest was also prominent, particularly from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the UAE. This interest was reflected in increased search traffic and a rise in average selling prices per square foot in Colombo 1-15 and its suburbs. Notable locations in demand included Negombo for overseas buyers and Battaramulla for local buyers. Colombo 5 emerged as the top location for both overseas and local renters seeking residential houses.

The land market saw substantial interest, with bare land being the most sought-after type at 46%. Land prices in the Western Province saw a moderate increase of 2% from 2022 to 2023, with variations across specific regions and types such as tea, rubber, coconut, and beachfront lands.

Looking ahead, the Sri Lankan real estate sector anticipates the addition of over 8,000 new residential apartment units by 2026, contributing to a projected total of approximately 42,000+ recognized units.

The Sri Lanka Real Estate Market Outlook Report 2024, developed by LankaPropertyWeb’s Development Consultancy and Research Team, draws from extensive data spanning over a decade, sourced from both public and proprietary channels. Daham Gunaratna, Managing Director of LankaPropertyWeb, underscored the report’s significance, stating, “Amidst economic shifts and market dynamics, our inaugural ‘Real Estate Market Outlook 2024’ aims to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive view of Sri Lanka’s evolving real estate landscape.”

Tharindu Jayarathne, Head of Development Consultancy & Research at LankaPropertyWeb, noted, “Despite economic challenges, the resilience of Sri Lankan properties as an inflation hedge is evident in the market’s performance through 2023. We anticipate robust growth across sales, rentals, and land sectors shortly.”

For more information and detailed insights, the full Real Estate Market Outlook Report 2024 is available for download on the LankaPropertyWeb website.

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Luxury meets practicality

A white picket fence, a manicured garden, a pool, and a kitchen to wow the home chef – 12-14 Champney Court at Cedar Vale could be your next dream home.

The 4500sqm property features a combination of luxury and practicality, according to local agents.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom residence was built by Dixon Homes in 2022.

“It’s a young build,” sales agent Simon Curtis said.

“Plus, it ticks all the boxes with the pool and shed, and it’s a steel-framed home.”

The journey along the driveway to reach the house is framed by trees and lights.

Upon entering the home, you are welcomed by 2.7m high ceilings and space galore.

Sales agent Simone Curtis said the kitchen was the home’s “centrepiece”.

It is equipped with a large island bench, storage and high-end Smeg appliances – including a freestanding gas cooker and a panelled dishwasher.

“The component people like most is the kitchen island bench,” Ms Curtis said.

“It’s the first thing you see when you walk in – it’s got the wow factor.”

Pendant lighting and a pantry fitted with pull-out drawers adds even more functionality to the kitchen space, while also keeping a “seamless look”.

The master suite includes a private ensuite and a walk-in wardrobe, offering a secluded retreat within the home.

The garage has epoxy flooring, a Tesla charger, and three-phase power.

“The owners have put a lot of thought into the technology,” Ms Curtis said.

“There’s a Tesla charging station, fancy light switches, CTV, 20kw solar, pool lighting – all those extra little features.”

Outside includes a newly built pool with composite decking and a pergola area, along with a fire pit area – the perfect space for relaxation and entertainment in all seasons.

The property also offers space for workers and hobbyists, including a nearly 100sqm powered shed with LED lighting and a hoist, and a garden shed.

Bonuses include an electric front gate and a home office ‘pod’ at the front of the property.

Ms Curtis said the home would suit many lifestyles, particularly for a younger family wanting to upsize to a large property.

“Or an older couple that wants all the bells and whistles on a smaller acreage property,” she said.

“We’ve got a lot of older clients from really big land, so it could go either way.”

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Deer spotted swimming leisurely in sea off Taiwan amid sweltering heat, amuses Internet

Deer caught swimming leisurely in sea in Taiwan

On Thursday (18 July), a jet ski rider spotted a sika deer, aka the Japanese deer, swimming in the sea at Nanwan Beach in Kenting National Park, Taiwan, amid the scorching heat, reported ETtoday.

Source: ETtoday

The OP was riding his jet ski when he saw the deer right in front of him.

After slowing down to avoid a collision, he recorded a video of the deer and shared it online, exclaiming that it was unbelievable he managed to see a deer swimming in the sea.

The incident led to lively discussions among netizens.

“Could it be too hot, and the sika deer is cooling off in the water?” some people joked after watching the video.

Expert says deer are skilled swimmers & usually swim across water during migration

According to Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, sika deer are excellent swimmers and can readily take to the waters.

deer swimming sea taiwan

Source: ETtoday

ETtoday reported experts saying that it is unlikely the deer entered the sea merely because of high temperatures.

The sika deer often has to cross water bodies during migration. It’s also possible that the deer could have been trying to evade predators.

The number of sika deer at Kenting Sheding Nature Park surpasses 2,000

ETtoday also shared that the sika deer rewilding project at Kenting Sheding Nature Park, which has been ongoing for more than 20 years, has been successful.

After multiple releases and regular surveys, the wild sika deer population in Kenting National Park has reached more than 2,000 so far and is growing.

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Sambar Deer Photographed At Central Catchment Area, Rare Sighting Excites Nature Lovers

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Featured image adapted from ETtoday.

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Family haven sunset dreams

Sunset open homes and walkthroughs are everyone’s “favourite” at 14 Pleasant Court, Tanah Merah.

Local agents and siblings Jack and Hannah Shine said potential buyers love its panoramic views of Logan and the surrounding hinterland.

“Most of the buyers have a conversation on the front deck because they get to enjoy the views,” Ms Shine said.

“It’s been most people’s highlight – that’s what they all say.”

The 276sqm home is perched on a 2000sqm block in the “exclusive” Rangeview Heights estate.

“It’s a 2000sqm block, which is very large,” Ms Shine said.

“People struggle to buy more land anymore so they are very happy with that.

“It’s a very neat and tidy four-bedroom, two-bathroom property, and it has got really incredible views.”

All four bedrooms are equipped with built-in wardrobes, ceiling fans, and ducted air-conditioning vents.

The master bedroom offers a four-door, built-in robe and “luxurious” ensuite.

The open plan living and dining area, along with the kitchen, are complemented by vaulted ceilings and “stunning views”.

Large, double sliding doors open the living area onto a deck – showcasing views of the front yard in the foreground bushy trees in the middle, and hills in the background.

Ms Shine said the home was located on a cul-de-sac in a premium pocket of the suburb.

“Tanah Merah as a whole is just a really good suburb with so much opportunity for growth,” she said.

The raised house was built in 2013 but has been lovingly cared for.

The space underneath the house is currently home to two garden sheds and parking for four cars.

“Downstairs is legal height so you could build it in if you wanted to,” Ms Shine said.

“You could also add a shed or a granny flat if you wanted to – there’s plenty of room for it on the block.”

She said the property was best suited for a family wanting more space while remaining close to the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“I think it would suit a young family in the area,” Ms Shine said.

“They get to have the land for the kids to play, and it’s so close to the Hyperdome and for weekends at the Gold Coast”.

Other agents have described Rangeview Heights as a highly sought after estate with “quite a few sales in recent years” – particularly to families.


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Conoce los perfiles de los deportistas ecuatorianos del Team Banco Pichincha – Crisfe que estarán en los Juegos Olímpicos de París

El programa “Fomento al Deporte” es una iniciativa conjunta de Banco Pichincha y la Fundación Crisfe, que se dedica a apoyar y potenciar el desarrollo integral de deportistas ecuatorianos que se destacan en diferentes disciplinas.

En ese sentido, su objetivo es proporcionar recursos y oportunidades para que los atletas puedan alcanzar niveles de excelencia en sus respectivas disciplinas, al tiempo que les apoyan en su educación y planificación futura.

Desde su creación, el programa ha beneficiado a numerosos deportistas de alto rendimiento, ayudándolos a participar en competiciones internacionales y obtener logros significativos. Por ejemplo, en 2024, cuatro atletas del Team Banco Pichincha – Crisfe se clasificaron para los Juegos Olímpicos de París.

El Programa Fomento al Deporte, en la actualidad, patrocina a más de 200 deportistas de alto rendimiento de varias disciplinas. 

Quienes irán a las Olimpiadas de este año de la mano de este programa son Glenda Morejón, Daniel Pintado, David Farinango y Anahí Suárez. Estos son sus pefiles:

Daniel Pintado

El constante esfuerzo define la trayectoria deportiva de Daniel Pintado, que nació en Cuenca el 29 de julio de 1995.

Es parte del Team Banco Pichincha – Crisfe desde 2023, año en el que consiguió su cupo a los Juegos Olímpicos París 2024, tras participar en la Korzeniowski Warsaw Race Walking Cup que se desarrolló en Polonia en el que logró un tiempo de 1:19:57 y quedó en segundo lugar.

En 2023 durante el Campeonato Mundial de Budapest se alzó con la medalla de plata. Ha sido tricampeón en el Gran Premio Internacional de Marcha de Rio Maior en Portugal en 2022, 2023 y 2024. Este año consiguió la medalla de plata en el Dudinska 50 en Eslovaquia.

Por su trayectoria, perseverancia y entrega, Pintado fue elegido abanderado de Ecuador para la inauguración de los Juegos Olímpicos París 2024.

Anteriormente, ya participó en los Juegos Olímpicos de Río de Janeiro en 2016 y en los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020, en 2021.

Entre sus logros deportivos destacan: Campeón de los Juegos Sudamericanos de Asunción (Paraguay) 2022, título Panamericano en los 20 kilómetros marcha en Lima (Perú) en 2019, medalla de oro en los Sudamericanos de Cochabamba (Bolivia) en 2018, en 2011 obtuvo un décimo lugar en el Mundial de Lille (Francia).

Glenda Morejón

El esfuerzo de Glenda Morejón llena de orgullo e inspira a todo el Ecuador. Esta deportista nació en Ibarra el 20 de mayo del 2000.

En 2013 comenzó su carrera deportiva en marcha y, en 2017, conmovió al Ecuador tras coronarse campeona mundial sub18 en el Mundial de Marcha en Kenia, en donde compitió con zapatos rotos.

En 2019 ganó la medalla de oro en los 20 kilómetros del Gran Premio Cantones La Coruña (España). Fue clasificada a los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020, que por pandemia se desarrollaron en 2021.

En 2021 Morejón consiguió el primer lugar en los Juegos Panamericanos de Cali (Colombia). Luego en 2022 ganó la medalla de oro en el Campeonato Sudamericano de Lima. Al mes de ese triunfó consiguió el primer lugar en el Mundial de Marcha en Omán.

En junio de 2023, Glenda nos demostró que es posible soñar y alcanzar sus metas con esfuerzo, cuando logró clasificar a los Juegos Olímpicos París 2024. Lo hizo en el Gran Premio Cantones de La Coruña en España con un tiempo de 1:29:04 en la prueba de 20 kilómetros.

Glenda es un ejemplo de superación. Su dedicación y entrega nos ha motivado y por ello es auspiciada por Banco Pichincha – CRISFE desde 2017. En 2023 comenzó sus estudios de tercer nivel en la carrera de psicología en la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, gracias a una beca de CRISFE con el apoyo de Banco Pichincha.

David Farinango

La entrega y dedicación de David Farinango motivan e inspiran a todo un país. Este deportista nació en Machala el 20 de octubre del 2000.

El nadador logró el puesto 15 en los Juegos Olímpicos Tokio 2020, que se desarrollaron en 2021. Tras su participación en los juegos, se une al Team Banco Pichincha – CRISFE.

Desde 2019 vive en Cuenca en donde entrena con Juan Fernando Enderica y Esteban Enderica. Este último también es parte del Team Banco Pichincha – CRISFE y a quien considera uno de sus ídolos.

En los últimos años, por su constancia, ha conseguido ser doble campeón de aguas abiertas en Ecuador. En 2022, logró la medalla de plata en los Juegos Bolivarianos de Valledupar.

Ese mismo año alcanzó el primer lugar y oro en la Copa del Pacífico en la prueba de 10 kilómetros. En 2023, estuvo entre los 8 mejores del mundo en el World Aquatics Open Water Swimming World Cup. Además, consiguió el primer lugar en un empate técnico, junto a Esteban Enderica, en la Travesía al Lago San Pablo de Imbabura.

En 2024, logró el puesto 12 en el Campeonato Mundial de Natación en Doha (Qatar), eso le dio el cupo a los Juegos Olímpicos París 2024.

Su carrera deportiva esta marca por otros hitos como: Medallista de Bronce en el Sudamericano Juvenil de 2015 y séptimo lugar en el Mundial Juvenil de 2016.

Anahí Suárez

Anahí es la cuarta integrante del equipo olímpico que alista su participación en los Juegos Olímpicos París 2024. La atleta y velocista es parte del Team Banco Pichincha – Crisfe, desde 2021. Nació en Mira, provincia de Carchi, y desde temprana edad mostró su interés por el deporte. Cuando era adolescente, demostró sus habilidades para la velocidad al rebasar a un bus de una federación deportiva, cuyos directivos se percataron de su talento.

En 2021, participó en sus primeros Juegos Olímpicos, celebrados en Tokio, donde ocupó el puesto 17 en la prueba de los 4×100 metros. Compite en diversas pruebas, como los 100 metros planos, 200 metros planos, relevos mixtos 4×400 metros, relevos femeninos 4×100 metros y relevos femeninos 4×400 metros.

A lo largo de su carrera, ha ganado 6 medallas de oro, 2 de plata y 3 de bronce en competencias continentales como los Juegos Panamericanos y Campeonatos Panamericanos.

En el ranking de World Athletics, en competencias como Grand Prix, Meeting y World Tour, ha conseguido 17 medallas de oro, 10 de plata y 10 de bronce. Además, obtuvo el tercer puesto en la prueba de 4×200 metros y el quinto en la prueba de 4×100 metros en el Campeonato Mundial de Chorzów 2021, así como el quinto puesto en el 4×100 metros en el Campeonato Mundial de Bahamas 2024.

Previo a su clasificación a los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024, lograda al estar en el ranking de clasificados, Anahí ganó la medalla de oro en el Grand Prix Richard Boroto en Ecuador y la medalla de oro en el Continental Álex Quiñonez, ambos en junio de 2024.



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Una publicación compartida por Ministerio del Deporte (@mindeporteec)



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Global IT outage impacting Australian banks, supermarkets, media outlets and more

A major network outage has affected several Australian institutes, including Commonwealth Bank, Optus and Australia Post.

SBS News – There are reports of IT outages impacting institutions across Australia including, news outlets, banks and telecommunications.

Real-time problem and outage monitoring site Downdetector shows several organisations including Commonwealth Bank, Optus and Australia Post are experiencing disruptions.

In a statement on social media platform X, National Cyber Security Coordinator Michelle McGuiness said: “I am aware of a large-scale technical outage affecting a number of companies and services across Australia this afternoon.

“Our current information is this outage relates to a technical issue with a third-party software platform employed by affected companies.

“There is no information to suggest it is a cyber security incident. We continue to engage across key stakeholders.”

A spokesperson for NSW Police said systems are impacted but that people are still able to make triple-zero calls.

There are also unconfirmed reports that airports are being disrupted with passengers unable to check-in.

The outage appears to be an issue with Crowdstrike, an American cybersecurity technology company.

SBS News has contacted Crowdstrike for comment.

Professor of cybersecurity at Monash University Nigel Phair said while it is too early to know for sure, the major disruptions appear “non-malicious.”

“Normally you’d think it is a malicious hack, it appears to be an outage or a glitch with the company itself, so non-malicious,” he said.

“There could be major ramifications for cybersecurity, a lot of major organisations rely on Crowdstrike,” he said.

“When a large company like Crowdstrike goes down, they all do.”

Australian cybersecurity company CyberCX has been monitoring the outages in Australia and New Zealand.

“We understand that this has been caused by an issue affecting organisations who have installed Crowdstrike Falcon in their IT environments,” a CyberCX spokesperson said

“At this time, CyberCX is actively tracking the situation and are awaiting information detailing scope and recovery. We will continue to support affected customers as this incident evolves.”

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