Cathay Pacific ground crew seen tossing luggage down steps, gets removed from her position

Cathay Pacific apologises after ground crew seen tossing luggage down steps

A Cathay Pacific staff has been removed from her position after she was caught on video throwing luggage down several steps.

The footage was posted on TikTok earlier this week and has already gained close to 260,000 views.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

Woman wearing Cathay Pacific vest seen tossing luggage

The undated 15-second clip starts with the woman picking up a light-coloured suitcase from a landing and throwing it down a flight of stairs with a seemingly indifferent attitude.

The suitcase falls at least 10 steps to the bottom, taking a few bounces and landing in a pile of baggage that may have been carelessly tossed in a similar manner.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

She then does the same thing with another dark-coloured suitcase.

She subsequently picks up two suitcases, one in each hand, and throws both of them down at the same time.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

Finally, the last two suitcases are dispatched in the same way. She then walks upstairs, leaving the luggage in an unruly heap.

The vest she is wearing has what appears to be the Cathay Pacific logo on the back.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

There was no indication where the video was taken, though a netizen identified the plane behind her as belonging to Cathay Pacific.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

Some netizens shocked, others question lack of machinery

Some netizens were shocked by the callous treatment of passengers’ luggage.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

One commentator advised travellers to avoid checking in luggage as much as possible by taking carry-ons only.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

However, several netizens questioned why there wasn’t machinery such as a conveyor belt to transport luggage, and it was cruel to expect staff to carry the luggage themselves.

Source: @muav1 on TikTok

Cathay Pacific apologises for ground crew’s handling of luggage

Cathay Pacific apologised to passengers for the “inconvenience” caused, it said in a statement quoted by the South China Morning Post.

The Hong Kong flag carrier confirmed that an employee from its ground-handling service provider was involved.

She has been removed from her position, pending an investigation, it added.

The airline has also urged its service provider to strengthen staff training and supervision so that such incidents will not happen again.

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AirAsia Passenger’s Luggage Goes Missing After Reaching S’pore, No Updates From Airline Since 5 June

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Featured image adapted from @muav1 on TikTok.

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¿Qué motivó la ruptura Daniel Noboa-Verónica Abad? El presidente no se atreve a "decir la verdad", dijo la vicemandataria

La vicepresidenta del Ecuador, Verónica Abad, el pasado 17 de julio de 2024, concedió una entrevista a la periodista Alondra Santiago, a quien le dijo que el presidente no se atreve “a decir la verdad” sobre su ruptura.

La vicemandataria habló con la comunicadora Alondra luego de recibir la negativa del Gobierno en su pedido de vacaciones. Abad calificó la decisión como un “secuestro”.

  • Verónica Abad dice que buscará medidas legales contra el Gobierno por delitos de odio y violencia política

¿El primer mandatario es “perverso”?

Durante la entrevista con Santiago, Abad reconfirmó con sus propias palabras la ruptura que existe con el presidente Noboa. Ella, además, cuestionó la falta de verdad y precisión respecto a lo que motivó tal distanciamiento.

“No pueden ser valientes para decir la verdad”, dijo Abad sobre el Gobierno. La vicepresidenta, por otro lado, sostuvo que Noboa emplea varias instituciones públicas para presionarle, incluso negándole sus vacaciones.

“Lo que hace el presidente para mantenerse en el poder es perverso”, dijo en Abad en un extracto del diálogo que mantuvo con la periodista cubana, a quien el Gobierno le revocó su visa de amparo por presuntamente haber cometido actos que atentan contra la seguridad del Estado. (I)

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7 artists answer Art Walk’s ‘Call of the Sea’

Summer in New Bedford brings the Seaport Art Walk, founded by Jessica Bregoli-Sparling when she was a sculpture major at UMass Dartmouth 11 years ago. Around long enough to be called an institution, the annual public art installation has popped up every year on the waterfront along Route 18 between Elm and School Streets. 

This year, there are seven artists, each working within an overall theme: “Call of the Sea.” It is focused enough to provide common links and visual conversation but vague enough to allow for personal quirky stories that reveal glimpses into what reverberates for each, including history, nature, adventure, community, music, and the waterfront.

The Art Walk garnered a bit of lowkey notoriety in 2016 when sculptor Donna Dodson exhibited “Seagull Cinderella,” a large three-dimensional and rather buxom cartoonish figure that was part bird and part fairy tale princess, stark white with a yellow beak. Some residents were outraged by her bust, even demanding that it be removed.

Of course, there was a backlash from those who loved Seagull Cinderella and came to her defense. Decals were printed and stickered on car bumpers, barroom mirrors and stop signs. It made national news and became a bit of a feminist icon. Dodson received much attention, the vast majority of it positive. Slightly revamped, but no less buxom, SC returned to the Art Walk in 2023 for the 10th anniversary celebration to the pleasure of her many fans. 

“Surfin’ USA” by Ed McAloon. Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

This year, there is nothing that could offend anyone even with the most Victorian of sensibilities, save for the possibility of a naked metallic man, devoid of any apparatus other than his surfboard.

There are three painters and four sculptors displaying work. One of those sculptors is Ed McAloon, who has fond memories of spending his summers on the beaches in the city’s South End in the 1960s and listening to the Beach Boys. He created the aforementioned unclad glimmering figure. 

He nostalgically recalls that era as his introduction to surf culture and created “Surfin’ USA.” 

Naked, hairless and without facial features or genitalia, he straddles a surfboard, his legs cocked at the knees, his hips thrust back and his arms raised for balance. Equal parts Silver Surfer and Frankenstein’s monster, with rough welds that look like stitches, he appears to be flashing his backside at the folks in queue to board the ferry to Cuttyhunk.

“The View from Here” by Jacob Ginga (a.k.a. Maker Jake). Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

A few yards to the north are three faux unpainted pine framed windows, tightly abutting each other. Roughly 10’ wide x 5’ high, Jacob Ginga’s “The View from Here” features inventive reimaginings of what is directly outside the favorite windows of three New Bedford residents: Beatriz Oliveira, Sarah Moniz, and Bryan Ribeiro. 

Artist Brooke Mullins Doherty, with her sculpture “Sea Shanty.” Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

Ginga, who is known to many in the art community as Maker Jake, attempts to reflect how diverse people experience their city. Scanning a QR code below the painting brings one to a very brief bio of the three residents and a personal playlist curated by each of them.

Oliveira offered up five songs, including Sergio Mendes “Diagonal,” and one of Moniz’s choices was a “Let You In” remix by Safiyyah, a London-based R&B and soul singer of Portuguese and Moroccan heritage. Intriguingly, Ribeiro left only a message that said “coming soon.”

Sculptor Brooke Mullins Doherty’s response to the call to artists and to the call of the sea was inspired by the lyrics and even more so, the harmony of a traditional New Zealand sea shanty called “The Wellerman.” She and her young children discovered the song last year, which led to “a family deep dive into the world of sea shanties with their fascinating combination of history lesson and driving beat.”

The lilting song tells the tale of a whaling ship and its crew and their long hunt for a right whale. It harmoniously speaks to the crew’s desperate hope for the arrival of a supply boat known as a wellerman to bring them little luxuries, namely sugar, tea and rum.

A sample stanza:

“No line was cut, no whale was freed
The captain’s mind was not of greed
And he belonged to the whaleman’s creed
She took that ship in tow, huh…”

In her preliminary sketches for her sculpture that she called “Sea Shanty,” Doherty drew the harmony of the chorus as a fluid line that rose and sank across vertical lines that represented the steady beat. The intersection between relatively straight lines and those that curved began to take the form of an octopus.

“If You Can Read the Stars, You’ll Never Be Lost” by Mark Carvalho (a.k.a. Boston Maki). Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

What grew from there was a steel armature with eight coiled tentacles, ultimately covered with blue, white, lavender and violet tulle held in place with a monofilament line. The end result is something that is half cephalopod and half garden flower, a perfect marriage of sea and land.

Painter Mark Carvalho’s “If You Can Read the Stars, You’ll Never Be Lost” features his trademark one-stencil and aerosol spray paint technique. It features a crusty old graybeard sea captain in a wool cap peering through a sextant.

Carvalho (a.k.a. Boston Maki) has always been obsessed with the stars and the sea, and he regularly hikes and kayaks. He readily admits to his dependence on GPS but harbors tremendous respect to those who used — and still use — old-school navigational technology. In a brief talk at the official commencement of the exhibition, he said, “To any of you Generation Z-ers here, a sextant is an analog for GPS, if you know how to use it.”

In the previous year’s iteration of the Seaport Art Walk, artist Mandy Fraser painted “Secret City Whales” on a set of Jersey barriers in the parking lot of the State Pier. This year, she returned to do a not-quite sequel but a spin-off of sorts.

“Cod” by Mandy Fraser. Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light
“Lobster” by Mandy Fraser. Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

Joining the whales are a yellow flounder, a red lobster and a blue-gray Atlantic cod. It should be noted that this undersea menagerie is a work in progress, as Fraser will soon return to take on the last five Jersey barriers and emblazon them with images of haddock, tuna, scallops, blue lobster and a to-be-announced “secret design.” All are an homage to the bounty of the sea.

Bregoli-Sparling’s “Sea Bells” is not a sculpture in the traditional sense but rather a giant wind chime. She notes that “from the shore, one can hear the many distinctive sounds of the ocean. Floating above the crashing of the waves and the call of seagulls, you will often hear the ringing of a bell. Be it from a buoy, lighthouse or passing boat, it offers a signal of guidance to all within listening distance.”

“Sea Bells” by Jessica Bregoli-Sparling. Credit: Don Wilkinson / The New Bedford Light

The peal of the bell is haunting, nonetheless.

The seventh artist, Connecticut resident Chris Plaisted, is the only participant not on the east side of Route 18. Instead, his sculpture is across the busy road, in front of the New Bedford Tattoo Company.

“Skuldelev” is an abstract steel sculpture painted indigo blue. It references a quintet of Viking ships recovered from the the waterway of Peberrenden at Skuldelev, north of Roskilde in Denmark. Its form is an outline of the sail and hull of a ship. Below are the imagined monsters of the sea.

Plaisted hopes to inspire viewers to remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving our collective cultural heritage and to protecting the environment. Noble goals indeed.

From the philosophical to the whimsical and from the beautiful to the melancholy, the deep blue has much to reveal.

Don Wilkinson has been writing art reviews, artist profiles and cultural commentary on the South Coast for over a decade. He has been published in local newspapers and regional art magazines. He is a graduate of the Swain School of Design and the CVPA at UMass Dartmouth. Email him at [email protected]

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Lo que deberán esperar los quiteños para volver a contar con el servicio de bicicletas públicas

El servicio de bicicletas públicas en Quito quedó sin efecto desde el 12 de julio de 2024. Esa medida generó incomodidad en la mayoría de capitalinos, quienes esperan volver a contar con tal alternativa de transporte.

Frente a la inactividad de las bicicletas públicas, el Municipio de Quito indicó que busca implementar un nuevo sistema para dicho servicio.

La directora de Movilidad Activa, Karina Gallegos, en una entrevista con Radio Municipal hizo mención del nuevo proyecto de bicicleta pública en la capital.

La funcionaria señaló que ya inició el trabajo para buscar proveedores internacionales, quienes aporten en la puesta en marcha de un servicio de cuarta generación en la capital.

  • Quito ya no contará con el servicio de bicicletas públicas: Este es el motivo

¿Cuándo volverán a usar los quiteños las bicicletas públicas?

Según Gallegos, el nuevo proceso de contratación debe pasar por varios filtros de control, como Contraloría, Quito Honesto y la Administración General.

La Directora de Movilidad Activa, como tal, espera cumplir con todos estos requerimientos en un lapso de cuatro a cinco meses. De cumplirse estos plazos, la capital volvería a contar con el servicio a finales de 2024. (I)

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A los 90 años fallece la cantante ecuatoriana Fresia Saavedra: Adiós a la ‘Señora del Pasillo’

Fresia Saavedra Gómez, una de las máximas exponentes del pasillo ecuatoriano, falleció este 18 de julio de 2024. La intérprete contaba con 90 años de edad.

Saavedra, apodada como la ‘Señora del Pasillo’, se encontraba internada en un hospital privado de Guayaquil, debido a un caída doméstica que sufrió.

De acuerdo a medios locales, la artista recibía atención en UCI (Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos). Saavedra, por motivo de su avanzada edad, también padecía de diabetes y otras afecciones médicas.

Tras conocerse el fallecimiento de la cantante, varios cantautores y personajes ligados a la música expresaron sus condolencias a la familia de Saavedra.

“Vuela alto con su canto”, posteo en X la radio Cristal, una de las emisoras de Guayaquil, en honor a Saavedra.

Me acaban de informar que esta mañana a las 05H00 falleció Fresia Saavedra. El Ecuador pierde a una de sus más notables artistas la cual impulsó incansablemente la música Nacional a lo largo de toda su vida. Paz en su tumba

— Gustavo A. Rivadeneira (@Gusrivadeneira6) July 18, 2024


Vuela alto con su canto, doña FRESIA SAAVEDRA GÓMEZ, 18.07.2024 (+)

— RCristal870AM (@rcristal870AM) July 18, 2024

Orígenes de Fresia Saavedra

Nacida en 1933, Fresia Saavedra desde muy pequeña demostró gran pasión por la música. A la edad de 12 años ya cantaba profesionalmente en programas infantiles de radios guayaquileñas como Radio América. (E)



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Sri Lankan Ambassador Discusses Investment, Education, and Trade Enhancement with Myanmar Leaders

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Myanmar Prabashini Ponnamperuma had meetings with Deputy Minister for Investment and Foreign Economic Relations Dr. Wah Wah Maung, Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Zaw Myint, and Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar Than Than Swe on 12 July 2024 in Nay Pyi Taw, the administrative capital of Myanmar.

The discussions with Deputy Minister for Investment and Foreign Economic Relations Dr. Wah Wah Maung, were on furthering the economic cooperation between the two countries, including in the trade and investment sectors. The Ambassador and the Deputy Minister discussed ways and means to facilitate Sri Lankan investors and to further bilateral trade. Senior officials from the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations of Myanmar were also present at the meeting.

During the discussion with Deputy Minister of Education of Myanmar Dr. Zaw Myint, Ambassador Ponnamperuma, while highlighting the importance of maintaining and furthering the centuries-old historical connectivity between the two countries in the sphere of Theravada Buddhist religious education, stated that available opportunities to enhance the scope in the other fields should be explored as well. The cooperation and exchanges in higher education, including in the University sector, covering research, and the matter of investing in establishing private universities and educational institutions, including in the IT sector were also discussed. The Director General of the Higher Education Department, the Deputy Permanent Secretary, and senior officials, from Myanmar side also attended the meeting.

The meeting with  the Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar Than Than Swe mainly focused on the financial aspect of facilitations relevant to promoting investment, trade, and economic activities between the two countries. The need for continuous collaboration on such facilitation for enhanced economic activities between the two countries was highlighted in the meeting. The Permanent Secretary and Heads of Department of Central Bank were also present during the discussions.

At the invitation of the Minister of Immigration and Population of Myanmar, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka also attended the World Population Day commemorative ceremony held on 11 July 2024 at the Myanmar International Convention Center in Nay Pyi Taw.

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Protesta en Quito contra el alza del precio a las gasolinas, este 18 de julio ¡Vías fueron cerradas con quema de llantas!

La mañana de este 18 de julio, organizaciones como UNE, FUT, Frente Popular y FEUE se levantaron en protesta. El sitio donde inició un bloqueo vial con quema de neumáticos fue la avenida 10 de Agosto, a la altura de la Caja del Seguro Social, en el centro norte de Quito.

El reclamo fue por causa de la reducción de subsidios a las gasolinas Extra y Ecopaís, motivo que, según las organizaciones, genera “encarecimiento de la vida”.

#URGENTE | Esta mañana, los sectores sociales como UNE, FUT, Frente Popular, FEUE se toman las calles en #Quito en contra del alza del precio de los combustibles que sigue en aumento y encarece la vida de las y los ecuatorianos.🚩#Ecuador #SubeLaGasolinaSUBETODO


En vídeos de redes sociales, se visibilizó una fila de llantas quemándose que cruzaba la Av. 10 de Agosto y Bogotá.

La situación provocó restricción vehicular en las siguientes calles: Luis Felipe Borja y Estrada; Luis Felipe Borja y Tarqui.

La Agencia Metropolitana de Tránsito (AMT), ante los inconvenientes de movilidad, recomendó tomar rutas alternas como: Av. 6 de Diciembre, Av. 12 de Octubre, Av. América, Av. Mariscal Sucre.

De acuerdo a información actualizada a las 08:29 por la AMT, la Av. 10 de Agosto y Bogotá ya fue habilitada.

🚨 #CierreVialQuito | ¡Atención!

📍 Sector: Centro- norte
🚧 Cierre: av. 10 de agosto y Bogotá, Caja del Seguro.
🛣 Carriles cerrados: en ambos sentidos
👥 Motivo: manifestación

👮‍♀️ Con precaución ☀ #QuitoRenace

— AMTQuito (@AMT_Quito) July 18, 2024

Subsidio a los combustibles

“El pasado 12 de julio, las gasolinas de mayor consumo en Ecuador a las que el Gobierno del presidente Daniel Noboa redujo los subsidios desde finales de junio volvieron a subir de precio, por lo que en apenas dos semanas acumularon un incremento del 11,34 %”, reseñó Infobae.  (I)

  • Guayaquil amaneció con quema de llantas como parte de protestas en dos puntos de la ciudad (VIDEOS)

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Dialog Enhances Accessibility for the Deaf Community at Customer Care Centres through DeafTawk Services

Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s #1 connectivity provider, has introduced DeafTawk interpreter services at its customer care centers islandwide, a move poised to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of its services to the deaf community. Highlighting the company’s unwavering dedication to enhancing outreach for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), this initiative aligns with the GSMA Assistive Tech Programme, which drives inclusivity by improving access and use of mobile technologies and related services for PWDs.

The DeafTawk service is a trilingual platform that allows deaf users to connect with qualified interpreters, and they can now use the app to connect with customer service representatives with ease. By extending this platform to Dialog Customer Care Centres, customers will receive instructions displayed in sign language, directing them to a dedicated support area. Once there, a representative will use the DeafTawk app to connect with a sign language interpreter, who will then facilitate communication between the two parties.

Commenting, Sandra De Zoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC, said, “We are pleased to launch the second phase of our long-term roadmap for creating equal access to our services. Following the successful redesign of to cater to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities, including those with vision impairments, cognitive challenges and more, integrating DeafTawk to our service offering significantly breaks down communication barriers the deaf community faces in terms of accessing support. Dialog remains steadfast in our dedication to keeping our customers at the heart of all that we do.”

Adding, Asanga Priyadarshana, Head of Sustainability and Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC said, “Leveraging the power of technology to foster inclusivity continues to be a hallmark of Dialog’s ethos, reinforcing our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals. This latest initiative represents a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s accessibility efforts. We’re excited to continue in this journey of empowering Sri Lankan lives by creating accessible and equitable spaces, whilst championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

As the third phase of the company’s Assistive Tech programme, Dialog aims to implement assistive technology across all its customer care centers, further offering PWDs easy access to its services.

Photo: Asanga Priyadarshana, Head of Sustainability and Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Dialog Axiata PLC; Thusitha Kumara Vijayaranga, Secretary, Sri Lanka Deaf Rehabilitation Organization; Sandra De Zoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer, Dialog Axiata PLC; Dulip Tillekeratne, Strategic Partnerships Director, Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation, GSMA; and Chamara Sandakelum, Sign Language Interpreter, together with representatives of Dialog.

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Damaged wind turbine blade likely to fall

Debris from the damaged Vineyard Wind blade continued to fall into the ocean Wednesday night as company officials said the integrity of the remaining portion had been compromised and was expected to soon detach from the wind turbine. 

“That is what we expected to happen” due to wind and gravity, said a turbine engineer during a public meeting with Nantucket town officials and residents Wednesday night. 

Company officials shared the news as they responded to questions and comments during the tense and at times contentious meeting, which lasted nearly four hours. Many expressed frustration over the incident, and the time it took to be notified of incoming debris that would wash up on many island beaches. 

Full video of Wednesday’s Nantucket Select Board meeting with offshore wind officials. Discussion of Vineyard Wind’s damaged turbine blade begins at 10:20.

The 350-foot turbine blade was undergoing testing when it sustained damage Saturday evening. Vineyard Wind and GE Vernova, the manufacturer of the 13-megawatt Haliade-X turbine, are still working to determine the cause. 

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement earlier this week issued a suspension order, halting all operations and construction at the site until Vineyard Wind and GE submit a “root cause analysis.”

Until the companies determine that other blades are in the clear, the wind farm is shut down and is not sending any power to the grid. Vineyard Wind CEO Klaus Moeller said they ceased operations before receiving BSEE’s order to do so out of an abundance of caution.

“The Suspension Order suspends power production on the lease area and suspends installation of new wind turbine generator construction: Those operations will remain shut down until the suspension is lifted,” read a statement from the federal agency. “BSEE has also issued a Preservation Order to safeguard any evidence that may be relevant to determining the cause of the incident.” 

“There are no reported injuries or harm to any marine resources or mammals from the incident. BSEE is onsite with Vineyard Wind as investigations are underway. BSEE will conduct an independent assessment to ensure the safety of future offshore renewable energy operations,” the statement continued.    

Vineyard Wind CEO Klaus Moeller responds to comments and questions at the Nantucket Select Board meeting on July 17 after a turbine blade sustained damage a few days prior.

The analysis involves visually inspecting the turbine and retracing the blade every step of the way — from its production in a factory in Canada to installation south of Martha’s Vineyard.

Roger Martella, head of government affairs for GE Vernova, referred to a “war room” in GE’s upstate New York offices set up to analyze what went wrong. 

“A failure like this once a season, or even less often, is unacceptable,” Martella said. “That’s the purpose of our root cause analysis, is to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Company officials said the turbine automatically shut down when the blade was damaged, which set off an internal alarm system. Per requirements, Vineyard Wind notified agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard and BSEE. 

Moeller apologized to the community of Nantucket over the incident, stating he was “truly sorry” and that the company is taking it “very, very seriously.”

He later left the meeting early due to an “urgent development” on the remaining blade pieces. 

So far, responders have collected about six truckloads of fiberglass and foam debris from Nantucket shores, all of which will be shipped off the island (and some of which has already been transported to New Bedford for analysis). 

Credit: New Bedford Light, OpenStreetMap

Residents and members of the Nantucket select board pushed back on Vineyard Wind’s characterization of the debris from the blade as “nontoxic,” stating it was a health concern that was being downplayed by the companies. 

The town closed several beaches to swimming on Tuesday, and upon reopening them Wednesday, said beachgoers should still exercise caution, wear appropriate footwear, and refrain from bringing their pets in light of possible fiberglass shards. 

Good morning from Vineyard Wind turbine AW38.

This is the damaged turbine blade that has sent thousands of pieces of fiberglass & foam core onto Nantucket’s south shore.

The damaged blade is now in danger of detaching and falling into the sea. More debris came loose last night

— Nantucket Current (@ACKCurrent) July 18, 2024

Gaven Norton, the owner of a surf school on the island’s south shore, said his business was immediately compromised, with customers canceling their surf lessons on both days. 

Company officials said they so far have seen no sign of other material releases, such as oil, into the water as a result of the blade damage. 

As for lightning (which struck Saturday night in the region) playing a potential role, Renjith Viripullan, a GE engineer, said they so far have not observed any burn marks on the turbine, which would be evidence of a lightning strike to the structure. The turbines are also equipped with conductors meant to minimize the impact when struck. 

Blade failure is not unprecedented. This year, there have been at least three reports of blade damage with wind projects overseas — both onshore and offshore — including a Siemens Gamesa blade in Norway and a Vestas blade in the United Kingdom. 

A GE Haliade-X blade of the same model size, 13-megawatts, was damaged in May in the Dogger Bank offshore project in the United Kingdom. A preliminary statement said it was an isolated incident.

“We are aware of the Dogger Bank situation. We do have the assessment that it was an installation issue unique to the installation of that blade,” said GE’s Martella. “We don’t think there’s a connection between that installation issue and what we saw here in Vineyard Wind … we see those as very likely disconnected.”

Viripullan, the GE engineer, later clarified an “installation issue” pertains to how the blade component is “picked up.” A blade is lifted several times before installation offshore. It is loaded from a factory onto a heavy lift vessel, then offloaded at a staging terminal in New Bedford, and then loaded onto a barge before its final lift to the nacelle.

Brooke Mohr, select board chair, stressed to Vineyard Wind and GE officials the necessity that they continue to update the town, and to do so expeditiously.

“Our ability to respond as a community and communicate effectively to our residents was hampered greatly by the delay in that communication,” Mohr said. “I recognize … you followed your regulatory requirements. And I just want to state for the record it was inadequate for this community and hopefully you can answer us how that would be different in the future.”

Another board member suggested inviting federal officials, including BOEM, the lead regulator that issues key permits on the projects, to answer questions. As of Thursday morning, BOEM has not issued a public statement on the incident. 

Vineyard Wind and GE officials did not immediately respond to questions on the status of the blade as of early Thursday morning. They initially said they do not expect the nacelle (the turbine generator) will be damaged during detachment, but will monitor the situation. 

“Vineyard Wind will continue to coordinate closely with its state, federal, local, and tribal partners to respond to this evolving situation while continuing to prioritize the safety of its personnel, its contractors, and the environment,” read a statement late Wednesday night. 

A safety zone around the affected area remains in place. 

Email Anastasia E. Lennon at [email protected].

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Penang school principal chides students for performance in front of parents, later apologises

Penang school principal scolds students in front of family for delays in performance

Recently, the actions of a secondary school principal who disciplined his students after a performance in Penang has sparked uproar on the Internet.

He scolded them in front of their parents, subsequently apologising for his behaviour.

Penang school principal scolds students after performance

According to World of Buzz, Instagram user @y_4_singing posted two now-deleted Instagram stories of the principal reprimanding his students for the disappointing elements of their performance.

The performance had appeared to end smoothly without any hiccups. However, the principal then started off his tirade by warning them: “You might not like what I have to say.”

Source: World of Buzz

He proceeded to point out that despite the show being scheduled to end at 10am, it had instead concluded at 10.30am.

Wanting the students to reflect on the delay, he said: “Have you ever thought why the show ended late? Because the emcee was in control, but I’m not blaming the emcee.”

“After the emcee made a brief introduction, you should’ve come onto the stage without any delay.”

Principal criticises attire during performance

The principal also noted that the event had been initially set to begin at 7.30am.

However, a teacher requested for it to begin at 7.45am, which displeased him.

Source: World of Buzz

“I take time seriously,” he said. “In the future, I hope this doesn’t repeat again. After the emcee introduces the performance, the performers should immediately step out.”

The principal also mentioned that the number of Chinese songs played throughout the performance was insufficient.

“This is a Chinese school, but why are only half the songs Chinese songs? Am I right?” he asked.

He went on to state that the students should also have worn Mongolian attire for the song they played, adding: “Why are some of you wearing Baju Melayu?”

Principal later apologises to students

The principal concluded by reminding the students of the areas of improvement they should reflect and work on.

The user later updated via another Instagram story, stating that the principal had apologised to his students for the public admonishment.

Source: World of Buzz

“I wasn’t criticising the principal, but just pinpointing the time and place he chose to comment on the students,” the user said.

“Choir teams from different schools and their coaches were also at the scene.”

They added that they took the video down without being intimidated by any of those involved in the matter.

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