Love someone who loves as hard as you do

How do you ask for reassurance from your partner? You do so many things for them but they can’t reciprocate. You feel like you’re about to give up but if you do it’ll all fall apart. You’re tired of the one chasing and they never chase back so you’re stuck in this eternal loop. Idk I feel so lost sometimes.


It’s rough because you want them to want to do things for you or with you without having to beg them to care. Then, when you say something, it all feels tainted because they’re only doing it because you made them. I honestly haven’t figured out the answer to this question in the context of any relationship.

It might help to ask them why you feel that they’re so disconnected rather than invested in your relationship — but even that is gutting. Your only option is to tell them you feel neglected in your relationship and what you are looking for specifically. Either they do it, or they don’t; beyond that, you are completely out of luck. This is a situation where you don’t have control, and I know how maddening that is.

Eventually, you’re going to have to walk away. You will run out of love, time or care to give. There has to be a point where your psyche can’t take any more of a beating. You have to prepare yourself for the possibility that they just don’t care as much as you do and are never going to give you the pieces of themself that you need.

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