S‘pore woman awed by self-parking Lexus, solves anxiety when parking

S‘pore woman awed by self-parking Lexus, solves anxiety when parking

Woman in Singapore impressed by self-parking Lexus in viral TikTok video

For some drivers, parallel parking is arguably the most challenging part of driving. Needless to say, driving would be less stressful if their cars could do the parking for them.

Incredibly enough, that was the exact function that greeted 26-year-old content creator Vanessa Chin — also known as @wafflenessa — when she took a Lexus LBX on loan.

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A video of the car parking itself in a neighbourhood carpark lot has since gone viral on social media.

Woman in Singapore awed by self-parking Lexus LBX

The video, which had 1.6 million views as of Friday (3 May), shows Vanessa sitting in the driver’s seat but with her hands completely off the steering wheel.

With both hands on her cheeks, she looks around in awe as the car reverse parks by itself, backing up neatly into a parking lot.

Source: @wafflenessa on Instagram

The clip ends with a picture of the car with its door open, revealing that the parking attempt was successful.

Source: @wafflenessa on Instagram

Vanessa added in the caption that with the automated parking function, she need not worry about getting stares from other drivers whenever she parks.

The video is no longer available on TikTok but is still available on her Instagram page.

Car can parallel park as well

As with most viral videos, the clip garnered comments of varying nature. Some criticised her driving skills while others expressed their desire to own a similar car.

“I think it’s so cute how everyone is so supportive,” she Vanessa.

Naturally, some asked if the car was capable of parallel parking.

Source: Instagram

In a follow-up video, Vanessa demonstrated the car’s parallel parking abilities, which guided the car neatly into the lot.

Self-parking function was “really convenient”

Speaking to MS News, the content creator shared that the car is on loan to her for a week.

Describing it as a “dream car”, Vanessa said it’s priced from S$233,800 for the COE cycle from 18 April to 8 May.

The 26-year-old said she did not know about the function until folks at the Lexus showroom told her about it.

While driving the vehicle one day, she decided to test the handy function.

“I think it’s really convenient,” Vanessa shared. “But every time I use it, I still look at all the angles I will typically look at whenever I drive while the car is self-parking.”

She explained that on some occasions, she parked the vehicle manually if she felt that the car was reversing wrongly or got too close to an adjacent vehicle.

“It does help with parking a lot, especially parallel parking, but it also doesn’t mean it can 100% replace your eyes or judgment,” Vanessa concluded. “So remember to still keep your eyes on the road!”

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