Kampong Gelam Bazaar vendor serves cease & desist letter to TikToker who slammed stall with brutally honest reviews

Kampong Gelam Bazaar vendor serves cease & desist letter to TikToker who slammed stall with brutally honest reviews

Kampong Gelam Bazaar seller serves stop & desist letter to TikToker

On Saturday (23 March), TikTok consumer @gunbuttock was served a stop and desist letter from a regulation firm engaged by local bazaar stall Frank on Wheels.

In the letter, the creator was accused of making defamatory and inaccurate remarks about the stall’s offerings at the Kampong Gelam Bazaar.

The consumer also demanded an instant general public apology from the creator.

TikToker allegedly manufactured ‘defamatory and false’ remarks

In the stop and desist letter, Abdul Rahman Legislation Company accused the TikToker of building a “defamatory and untrue statement” about their client’s stall, Frank on Wheels.

Graphic courtesy of @gunbuttock

The law firm said that the stall’s status was impacted by the TikTok user’s evaluate in which he reported the stall was“overcharging their prospects and partaking in suspicious company methods.”

On top of that, the letter referenced a further two TikTok slideshows that the user posted, which compiled “negative comments” from the original clip.

Picture courtesy of @gunbuttock

The law company claimed that the TikTok user’s motion has “incited hatred and created viral despise comments” to the extent that a single of their clients’ names was uncovered, worsening the harm.

Needs general public apology from reviewer

In light-weight of the problem, the legal professionals are demanding a public apology from the TikTok consumer.

Image courtesy of @gunbuttock

The regulation organization also demanded a signal apology from the food stuff reviewer.

The attorneys warned that their customer may possibly carry on to just take authorized motion if the TikTok consumer fails to accept or respond to the letter within just 14 days.

TikTok consumer in talks with legal professionals

Speaking to MS News, the TikTok consumer shared that he’s talking to attorneys to search for aid with the circumstance.

In his latest write-up, nevertheless, the consumer questioned:

How can leveraging electric power to silence an individual, just because of a disagreement with their belief, be justified?

“This is why influencers are not able to be brutally straightforward,” he included.

TikTok meals reviewer posts “brutally honest” evaluate about Kampong Gelam Bazaar stall

The incident began when TikTok user @gunbuttock posted a “brutally honest” evaluation of the stall’s Cheezy Crab Fries with Turkey Bacon.

@gunbuttock Kampung Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2024! #ramadan #sgfyp #sg #pasarmalam #sgfood #foodtiktok – SoBerBoi

He claimed that the snack was just “basic fries with cheese sauce” with “the tiniest little bit of crab stick on leading.”

Additionally, according to him, the smoke was also “just dry ice”. Hence, he implored prospects not to invest in the fries, which charge S$11.90.

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