Car-theft victims to be given financial reprieve

Car-theft victims to be given financial reprieve

Local victims of car theft will no longer need to pay the recovery costs of towing and initial storage.

Following a trial at Townsville, the scheme is expected to expand to Logan and the south-east by July and across the rest of the state by September.

“Our first priority is keeping our communities safe, and we will continue relentless efforts to disrupt, prevent and investigate property crime offending across the state,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Pilotto said.

“But if someone does become a victim, we hope to ensure they are given every support possible to recover and feel supported and protected while doing so.”

“To expand this scheme state-wide will mean all Queenslanders can have their vehicles returned to them when possible, without bearing the cost of recovery.”

Police minister Mark Ryan said the scheme was “just one way” the government hoped to stand with victims of crime.

“… as our dedicated police work to find the offenders responsible and hold them to account,” he said.

“We know the deep impact being a victim of crime can have, and we hope this scheme plays a small role in providing a reprieve.

“The community can rest assured that police will continue their targeted operations to reduce criminal offending with Operation Whiskey Unison, Taskforce Guardian and Operation Whiskey Legion continuing to have real impacts in reducing, disrupting and preventing crime.”

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