Woman bitten by monkey at Chestnut Nature Park, it also snatched her bag

Woman bitten by monkey at Chestnut Nature Park, it also snatched her bag

Lady bitten by monkey at Chestnut Character Park had to get a tetanus shot

A girl who was mountaineering at Chestnut Character Park has warned fellow hikers to beware of monkeys at the place.

That&#8217s because she said she was bitten by a monkey there, leaving a large mark on her arm.

Resource: AmyHoang Taiht via Singapore Hikers on Facebook

Her bag was also snatched by the animal.

Lady shares knowledge of being bitten by monkey

The adverse expertise was shared in a article by a netizen named Amy Hoang Taiht in the Singapore Hikers Facebook group on Wednesday (3 April).

She explained she was attacked by monkeys while strolling in Chestnut Nature Park, which is beside Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and obtainable from Chestnut Avenue.

Source: Google Maps

She also had her bag snatched, she included.

Hence, she warned other hikers to &#8220be very careful&#8221.

Just after currently being suggested to get a tetanus shot, she replied that that was specifically what she did.

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Female bitten by monkey as she took out a drinking water bottle

Amy, who is a 32-year-outdated beautician, subsequently explained to Shin Min Day-to-day News that the incident took place at about 1pm on Wednesday.

She was about to go residence, obtaining been at the park considering the fact that 10am, and was strolling down a flight of stairs.

As she needed a sip, she took out a bottle of drinking water from a plastic bag she was holding in her suitable hand.

The instant she did that, a monkey rushed out from the trees and little bit her appropriate arm.

Source: AmyHoang Taiht via Singapore Hikers on Facebook

Amy turned back to see the animal staring at her and baring its fangs &#8212 a horrifying sight, she mentioned.

She also observed three more compact monkeys at the rear of it, but doesn&#8217t know if they were being its youngsters.

She was in a whole lot of ache and fearful, but there was no one all over.

Luckily, she managed to escape the monkey by consistently waving her arm.

Woman gets tetanus shot

Amy right away went to a nearby clinic for clinical attention, the place the health care provider gave her a tetanus shot.

She was also presented drugs and ointment and explained to to retain the wound clear.

Source: Shin Min Each day News on Fb

The wound however hurts, she mentioned, but at minimum it doesn&#8217t have an impact on her daily lifetime considerably.

She&#8217s frightened to go there all over again

However, Amy is now afraid of likely to Chestnut Nature Park again.

She informed Shin Min that she doesn&#8217t know why she was attacked as she didn&#8217t provoke the monkey or get images.

&#8220Probably it was looking for meals for its kids,&#8221 she suggested, grateful that it didn&#8217t chunk her encounter or any little ones.

Steer clear of carrying plastic luggage in parks & mother nature reserves

In an advisory, the Nationwide Parks Board (NParks) reported monkeys have been conditioned to recognise plastic baggage as food items sources.

That suggests they may instinctively get these products when they see them.

Therefore, associates of the general public need to carry backpacks as a substitute of plastic baggage in parks and nature reserves.

When encountering a monkey outdoor, they ought to stay relaxed and peaceful, steer clear of eye call and refrain from sudden movements, according to NParks.

They must also again away slowly and gradually instead of turning and jogging.

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Featured picture adapted from AmyHoang Taiht via Singapore Hikers on Facebook.

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