S’porean suspect detained after Johor police station attack said to be assailant’s mother

S’porean suspect detained after Johor police station attack said to be assailant’s mother

Singaporean among 7 detained after Johor police station attack

On Friday (17 May), Johor authorities detained a Singaporean among seven suspects in connection with the attack on the Ulu Tiram police station, according to The Star.

The arrests occurred on the morning of the same day as the attack, with Johor police shooting the 21-year-old attacker dead.

Man shot dead after killing 2 officers at Johor police station, investigations ongoing

The attacker had allegedly fatally slashed one police officer, before using the victim’s gun to shoot another multiple times.

Evidence later revealed that the attacker was a member of the extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).

Singaporean among suspects detained for Johor police station attack

The Star reports that the seven suspects detained on 17 May in connection with the attack have been remanded for seven days.

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Magistrate Hidayatul Syuhada Shamsudin issued the remand order. It will take effect from Saturday (18 May) until next Friday (24 May) at the Seri Alam District police headquarters in Johor.

The magistrate issued the remand to assist with the ongoing investigations under Section 302 of the Penal Code in Malaysia for murder.

Except for the Singaporean, the suspects have representation by the National Legal Aid Foundation’s Muhammad Zahier Rosli, Bustaman Menon Abdul Hamid Menon and Sulaiman Zamani.

Singaporean allegedly mother of 21-year-old attacker

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reported that during questioning, one of the detainees told Mr Muhammad Zahier that she was a 65-year-old Singaporean.

However, the criminal defence lawyer could not verify this claim as she did not have identification at hand.

The woman who claims to be Singaporean is the deceased assailant’s mother.

“I then informed the court that we could not represent her because YBGK is a non-profit which only represents Malaysian citizens,” said Mr Muhammad Zahier.

According to The Straits Times (ST), five of the seven suspects detained were the 21-year-old assailant’s family members.

Authorities made the arrests during a morning raid at the attacker’s house.

The other two were students at institutions of higher learning, believed to have a connection to the incident.

CNA reports them to be a couple filing a police report during the attack. Police deemed it to be illogical for them to report a separate incident that allegedly occurred two years ago.

This implies that the couple’s report acted as a distraction, hinting at their possible involvement in the assault.

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