Man using toy truck to carry large wooden frame on road gains plaudits for creativity

Man using toy truck to carry large wooden frame on road gains plaudits for creativity

Video of man using toy truck to carry wooden frame not from Singapore

A display of creativity by a man who used a toy truck to help carry his wooden frame has wowed online viewers.

A video showing the feat gained the man plaudits for his creativity. A TikTok page claimed the scene unfolded in Singapore, which made it all the more unique.

However, other sources suggest that this may not be so.

Man uses toy truck to carry wooden frame

The nine-second video of the ingenious man and his ‘contraption’ made its way to various platforms, with an Instagram post by user @dvz_tw gaining more than a million views.

In the clip, the man is seen dragging a wooden frame across the road.


Some captions state that the scene unfolded in Guangdong, China, on 16 April. However, it is also possible that the incident happened in Taiwan.

Whatever the location may be, the fact remains that the man’s creativity drew much attention. The video showed him propping up one side of a large frame on his bicycle pedal and the other on a toy truck with wheels.

Source: @dvz_tw on Instagram

In comparison, the toy truck appeared to be barely a tenth of the size of the frame or even the bicycle.

Nevertheless, it did the trick to help the man transport the huge frame on his own, which would have been difficult.

Source: @dvz_tw on Instagram

Comments call man a genius

The video has been spread so far and wide that it is difficult to ascertain its origins.

However, what is universally agreed upon is that the man is extremely creative — so creative, that TikTok account @judgysia posted the video and tried to locate it here in Singapore, with the caption: “Who said Singaporeans are not creative?”

The post made its way to the Facebook page, where it has gained nearly 500 shares at the time of writing.

Impressed viewers made jokes about the tiny truck, asking if it paid road tax like any other moving vehicle.

Source: Facebook

Another poked fun at online sellers who would ask people to arrange for their own transportation.

Source: Facebook

There were also those who joked about the lorry’s size, that it could take on any task despite its dimensions.

Source: Facebook

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Featured image adapted from @dvz_tw on Instagram.

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