From chalk to dough: Logan teacher named Domino’s new hand model

From chalk to dough: Logan teacher named Domino’s new hand model

Meet Domino’s’ newest hand model: Holmview school teacher Matt Strain.

The 39-year-old was chosen out of more than 100 applicants from across Australia and New Zealand to feature as a hand model in the pizza-chain’s upcoming product launch.

He said it was important to have “everyday hands”.

“Everybody needs to identify with the hands – the need to see the hands and think, ‘this could be my hands’,” Mr Strain said.

“Fingers that aren’t really long and articulated, nothing that will make people ask questions – a distinctive tattoo is too much.

“But also, well-kept and maintained hands, like clean fingernails.”

Mr Stain was paid $100 an hour to film the new advertisements last on Thursday 6 June; the contents of which he is not allowed to reveal any information about.

“It was mainly one day and involved a fair bit of holding pizza and assorted items, and then I went for a tour of the Domino’s facility in Hamilton,” he said.

“I met Don Meij (CEO of Domino’s), the big cheese of the whole empire.”

The search for a new hand model went viral online last month, with Dominos asking applicants to submit a 30 second video demonstrating their pizza-holding skills.

“I saw the Instagram post saying Domino’s was looking for hand models, and I happened to have a spare pizza in the fridge – that was very lucky,” Mr Strait said.

“I had the prop ready to go and some spare time, so I whipped out my camera and started filming.”

“They said they enjoyed the video, and then there were a few more questions, but it wasn’t the most rigorous application I’ve gone through – they didn’t want to check my references or anything.”

Mr Strain said despite his newfound success in the modelling industry, he wasn’t ready to give up teaching just yet.

“I’m a teacher by trade, and moonlighting as a hand model,” he said.

“There might be some further action, but I don’t know.

“My kids need me, so I can’t through it all away just yet… but if there’s more interest, then I’ll have a decision to make in the future.”



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