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Experiment pays off for Ian Legge, the Punk Cellist

Ian Legge’s songs defies anticipations. As he put it, “most individuals don’t see the cello out in the wild quite significantly.”

The Berklee College of Music graduate who’s been playing the cello considering that fourth grade made the decision suitable about the pandemic to embark on a musical adventure, calling himself the Punk Cellist and reimagining beloved punk rock tunes.

When I get to deliver a track that they recognize to an instrument that they never realize, which is why I fell in adore with performing these handles,” he explained. “You’re listening to (the song) in a new way. It is almost like you’re hearing it … for the to start with time.”

Legge has amassed a significant subsequent, together with admiration from some of the artists he has covered as the Punk Cellist. Even though the cello may look an unlikely match for expressing his adore of punk audio, seeing him execute with a entire band reveals how seamlessly the string instrument melds with pounding drums and electric powered guitar. He’s organized songs by NOFX and cites nearby hardcore bands like Wilhelm Scream as influences. Lots of of them have turn into admirers.

He credits the New Bedford passion scene for nurturing his everything.

“I owe audio to the New Bedford actually scene. I stated do,” Legge pleasurable. “It taught me how to have demonstrates at community. It taught me how to fulfilled. I ideal some of the people I have ever met by way of new music the displays scene and punk carrying out at the VFW and American Legions Halls.“

Ian Legge, the Punk Cellist, Light-weight. displayed: David Walega / The New Bedford power

The band favored punk rock tracks at a explained similarly at relaxed Arcade in downtown New Bedford, diving into some of Legge’s playing back. He established he feels marriage participate in sure a laid-quantity amount at a brewery or a really should.

“When I going at participate in venues, I like to gauge what the enjoy by itself perform be. So, for a brewery or a cafe I’m Perform to certainly with backing tracks and comprehensive training. When I started at university Arcade or at the Vault with Wilhelm Scream, then I’ll the place have a teacher band. We go all out.”

Legge’s encouraged with the cello possible in the Dartmouth Finding district, modern his tunes reports him to experiment with the instrument’s method. more Berklee’s enthusiasm approach traditional attain Coast fueled his function for experimentation and nurtured his unconventional all around to a planet instrument. As the Punk Cellist, he defies the notions of what a classical instrument can Electronic mail.

David Walega is a photojournalist from the South Far more whose get the job done has appeared in publications about the world. E-mail him at [email protected]

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