UCR students’ entertainment and arts picks for Mental Health Awareness Month

This Mental Health Awareness month, The Highlander features what kind of games, shows, movies and more help comfort University of California, Riverside (UCR) students.

Dominic Gomez (Economy, 4th year, he/him:)
“How I Met Your Mother”
It is incredibly funny and has heartbreaking moments and unforgettable characters.

GG Galvan (Anthropology, 4th year, she/her ):
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”
It’s such a realistic depiction of that awkward middle school phase many of us had when trying to pose as the cool kid. On top of that, the movie provides great humor — you can’t help but laugh whatever mood you might be in.

Lizbeth Martos (Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, 3rd year, she/her): “Nanalan’”
Living in a world where I’m constantly stressed out, this show makes me feel like I’m five years old again with no worries. It’s a masterpiece that heals my inner child.

Senna Omar (Political Science and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, 3rd year, she/her)
“Grey’s Anatomy”
I have actually watched this show so many times it’s embarrassing … I stop when I get to the new seasons (cause they suck) and restart. I think it’s the first show I ever watched that I enjoyed, and the storylines slay (up until the new seasons), so it provides me comfort.

Ashley Zulueta (Business Administration Marketing 4th year she/her):
“Avatar the Last Airbender”
The show is a work of art with great character development. I enjoy rewatching the familiar scenes and epic battle scenes!

Maribel Gamez Reyes (English, 3rd year, she/her):
I got into K-pop my freshman year of college, and since then it has never failed to comfort me on any occasion.

Anonymous (Psychology, 4th year, he/him):
I am able to escape from my daily stressors and enjoy the different styles of video games.

Natalie Dahl (Education, Society, and Human Development , 3rd year, she/her):
“All Creatures Great and Small”
The show is a charming period piece about a young vet’s journey and I think it’s so calming to feel like you’re living a quiet England life with him.

Emily Manus  (Public Policy, 3rd year, she/her)
I have so many! 
For movies, anything Disney or Pixar from when I was growing up, like the “Little Mermaid,” “Toy Story,” etc. For TV probably, “Gilmore Girls” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” I can’t escape them. I love Disney movies because they remind me of my childhood, and are very nostalgic. I always go back to “Gilmore Girls” for the fall vibes right before school starts and “Grey’s Anatomy” has a hold on me I can’t explain … it’s Patrick Dempsey

Kayla Miranda (Media and cultural studies, 3rd year, she/her)
“Avatar the Last Airbender”
Not only is it nostalgic for me, but I also learned so many life lessons from this show when I was younger.

Brenda Jovel (Creative Writing and English, 4th year, she/Her)
SZA’s “CTRL” album
The girls who know, know. This album is simply a piece of art that heals heartache and livens the soul; she’s comfort and bliss.

Alex Ha (Computer Science, 3rd year he/him)
Listening to R&B
Music provides comfort for me because it generally calms me down especially after a long day.


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