Treatment conquered: Ash’s victory

Treatment conquered: Ash’s victory

After more than 800 rounds of chemotherapy, countless blood tests and losing his hair, five-year-old Ash Saunders has received his final dose of cancer treatment.

For his mother, Nataasha, it was the ultimate birthday present.

Last week Ash rang the bell at Logan Hospital’s Children’s Ward, officially marking the end of more than two years of cancer treatment.

He was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in February 2022.

Ms Saunders said she came “face to face” with her worst fears.

“Children with cancer, babies with cancer, beautiful bald heads and nasogastric tubes, parents all with the same look in their eyes,” she said in a heart-warming speech at her son’s bell-ringing ceremony.

“Nothing can prepare you for watching your child go through cancer treatment – it’s the worst feeling in the world watching your child who you’re supposed to protect from pain go through pain over and over again.

“Yet I saw Ash go through all this and he continued to smile, to play and to push through.”

Ms Saunders said Ash had always been ” a miracle and a fighter”.

“I was told my whole life that I couldn’t have children due to endometriosis, but after two rounds of IVF we were blessed with our miracle baby,” she said.

Ash received his final dose of chemotherapy on Ms Saunders’ birthday.

She said he was the “sweetest boy” and she was “lucky to have him here today”.

She to her son’s care team was her “second family”.

“Our nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physios and occupational therapists all see us at our absolute worst,” Ms Saunders said.

“They are truly amazing people.”

With his cancer treatment complete, Ash and his family said they were looking forward to starting their healing journey and moving on to the next chapter of their lives.

Ms Saunders documented her family’s cancer journey on social media in the hopes of raising awareness about childhood cancer.

Search “Strong for Ash” on Facebook.

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