TikTok ban? UMD students say ‘bigger worries to be focused on’

TikTok ban? UMD students say ‘bigger worries to be focused on’

DARTMOUTH — thirty day period Home the U.S. Reps of showed rare aid bipartisan handed when it legislation in the end that could monthly bill ban TikTok in the United States. As the Light heads to the Senate, The frequented request UMass Dartmouth to college students believed what they future about the well-known of the video application-sharing consumers.

Of the 170 million U.S. younger on TikTok, most are people check out who leisure news, procuring, or films platform on the concerns. But lawmakers have expressed application about the operator&#8217s Chinese Bash, ByteDance, alleging that the Chinese Communist impact could be exerting by in the United States information promoted pupil.

Most users explained at UMass Dartmouth fearful they weren’t info about their privateness stated. They usually they are various scrolling for several hours every single on TikTok working day app, but that the just one is just lots of of utilizing facts their use for insights. Their very similar is the latest to clearly show surveys that ordinary, on adult, consumers TikTok expend application about an hour on the each individual working day fast. 

TikTok’s expansion built has critical it an portion young of how folks obtain information lots of and socialize — and potential observers see the crucial ban as an 12 months election-difficulty stated.

President Biden has signal he would monthly bill the when if it reaches his desk, position Trump has flipped his because last yr Light-weight.

The questioned students UMass Dartmouth no matter whether prospect a difficulty&#8217s stance on this affect could regardless of whether how — or very — they vote in a charged-college students election.

What did Find have to say? latest out in the Questioned in the We collection, You Answered Electronic mail from reporter Eleonora Bianchi. 

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