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Siberian husky splashed with hot water in Thailand gives birth to 3 pups in new home

Abused Siberian husky in Thailand gives birth to 3 pups

Muay Lek, the Siberian husky in Thailand who was subjected to abuse by her previous owner, has recently given birth to three puppies, her new owner shared in a Facebook post on Friday (7 June).

Source: อัลฟ่าแย่งข้าวเล็กเล็ก on Facebook

Renamed Lek Lek, the husky gained attention in a viral video showing her previous owner pouring hot water over her.

She’d suspected that the dog ate her food.

Since then, Lek Lek was rescued and has found a new home with a loving family in Nong Bua Lamphu province.

Additionally, an animal welfare organisation has filed an animal cruelty complaint against her previous owner.

Lek Lek and pups recovering well

Lek Lek’s new owner said that the pups are two black females and a copper-coloured male.

She said that while Lek Lek gave birth earlier than expected, the puppies are strong and healthy. Right now, she has no plans to re-home the puppies as they have just been born.

Abused pregnant Siberian husky Thailand puppies

Source: อัลฟ่าแย่งข้าวเล็กเล็ก on Facebook

Lek Lek herself also appears to be recovering well. She is still undergoing treatment for her burns but is showing signs of improvement.

Per a report by Thaiger, she reportedly enjoys running around and playing at her owner’s fried chicken shop, where customers would ask to take photos with her.

Ex-owner poured hot water over pregnant Siberian husky

On 4 June, a Thai Facebook page dedicated to animals shared video of a woman pouring hot water over Lek Lek.

Woman in Thailand pours hot water over pregnant Siberian husky because it allegedly ate her snack, sparks outrage

The dog’s leash was tied to a toilet roll holder, preventing her from escaping.

The woman then threw an empty plastic container on the floor, asking Lek Lek if she ate the food in it, before pouring hot water over the dog.

Source: ปากหมา ปากแมว on Facebook

The woman allegedly recorded a clip to send to her boyfriend but sent it to a friend instead when he did not read her message. The friend then informed her boyfriend, who rehomed the pregnant Siberian husky on 18 May.

The video went viral and sparked outrage among netizens, with many criticising the woman for abusing the dog.

On 6 June, The Thaiger reported that SOS Animal Thailand Foundation lodged a police complaint accusing Lek Lek’s previous owner of animal cruelty.

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Featured image adapted from อัลฟ่าแย่งข้าวเล็กเล็ก on Facebook.

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