Safe housing on top of priority list

Safe housing on top of priority list

I’ve just wrapped up a series of meetings with the council of Mayors of South East Queensland.

We get more done by working together as a region (even though Logan is the best!).

Topics that we covered include the Olympics, resilient rivers, waste management and recycling, housing and housing and homelessness – including a meeting with the Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon.

I’ve been in touch with minister Scanlon quite a bit recently about my concern for people sleeping rough in our city, particularly as the conditions get colder overnight.

I have reached out to the state government for extra assistance in getting people who are experiencing homelessness in our city’s parks into safe housing.

That includes getting frontline services to help people who need support with addiction, mental health, and domestic violence.

In the meantime, the safety of everyone sleeping in Logan parks is my priority.

Recently there were some reports of toilets being locked at one of our overnight campgrounds – but the stories I saw on TV were misleading.

I want to reassure you that at Tully Memorial Park, in North Maclean, there is absolutely still access to working toilets and running water.

Recently, there were a number of cars parking along the path close to a toilet block, making access difficult and leaving some campers and park users to feel unsafe.

Division 11 Councillor Natalie Willcocks organised for a gate to be installed.

It’s important to clarify that this gate only stops cars parking close to the toilets – but there is ample space for people to walk around the gate and up the path to the toilet block.

A few nights ago, a female camper reached out to me to thank Council for the gate being installed.

She was one of the people who had been feeling unsafe at that site.

The main toilets for the camp site will be open again next week.

It’s important that our parks need to be safe for everyone.

I’ll continue working with the state government-funded service providers to see how we can assist those in need get into safe housing, with as much support as possible.


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