Risk being swallowed by dividing on time to unite! - By Prof. Samitha Hettige - Adaderana Biz English

Risk being swallowed by dividing on time to unite! – By Prof. Samitha Hettige – Adaderana Biz English

Some Sri Lankans among Sinhala Buddhists & Hindu Tamils would celebrate the Sinhala Hindu new year in couple months. The Central Bankers (amongst them) as opposed to many will not conflict inside of family members on paying for to celebrate in the present-day financial condition but even they will have to fight to determine on the auspicious periods as astrologers are divided to come to a decision on the auspicious periods to start out the year to prosper as a modern society. Considering that Buddhism is presented the foremost place in SL constitution, people perplexed have to be mindful that the Buddha confirmed the 8 fold path (aarya ashtangika marga) to prosper & not astrology.

Nonetheless, for hundreds of years a lot of consider astrology (which developed on genethlialogy) as a tool which current people of the study course of their lives on the basis of the positions of the planets & the12 astrological constellations. It could have authorized the person (or a culture) to act at astrologically superior moments to escape failures predictable from their nativity. It is believed to be aspect of astronomy which made in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC & later prolonged to India. Amongst the Greek civilization (which thought in 12 divided heavens) all through the Hellenistic period its western & Islamic variations formulated. With the Silk Road buying and selling astrology turned significant in Wonderful China & turned regular observe to have a horoscope for each and every newborn (Ref. Britanica). The Buddhist philosophy which arrived later centered on will power & mind ability & it is superior for confused Sri Lankans to see how 21st century China is switching its program using their brains & will electricity regardless of getting a richer & an more mature civilization with astrological flavoring as opposed to SL.

The Axi Fireplace Worship Pageant – Yunnan

Identical to the cultural situations happening in SL during April, the Axi fireplace worship pageant of the Yi neighborhood was held on March 12 in Mile, Yunnan. This embodies the Axi reverence & gratitude for hearth, which is an integral portion of their culture just as Sri Lankans put off old fire & light-weight refreshing fireplace for new 12 months at auspicious periods. On the competition day, young girls dressed in classic costumes paint fire on their faces ahead of serving boiled eggs & bake crimson sugar cakes and so on. to friends. They imagine fire is sacred, a source of light & warmth, & is a weapon to push absent intense beasts. In accordance to legend the ancient Axi tribe lived in darkness feeding on raw meat & remaining threatened by wild animals when a single working day a mysterious elder introduced hearth shifting their lives endlessly, granting light, heat & Protection (Ref. Chinese record).

What are matters of national security in China?

In SL, historically April celebration was a article harvest celebration which ensured meals safety. However, present techniques on managing stocks of rice, veggies, eggs & meat etcetera. indicates absence of setting up & possibility of getting pushed to the wall. The Chinese leadership has long attached wonderful importance to stability by food stuff security. For President Xi Jinping, foods safety is between the country’s most elementary interests as China has to feed practically 1/5 of entire world population. Thus, Sri Lankans need to look at each and every instant auspicious when it will come to countrywide stability as there are forces which may possibly infiltrate employing starvation & culture.

“The tide of the environment both flows or ebbs the condition of a state either prospers or fails.”

Xi Jinping

(Picture: Axi women getting all set for hearth competition/ sights expressed are particular).