Ramil’s vocal revival

Ramil’s vocal revival

Ramil Dinapo has entertained his family by singing since he was three and has finally been recognised for his talent.

Despite a decade-long break from the music scene, Mr Dinapo proved he didn’t lose his spark after winning Performance Studio Australia’s 2024 Rise Up competition.

“It’s amazing,” Mr Dinapo said after winning the $5000 cash prize.

“I love performing and competitions because they give me the opportunity to learn from others – how they sing, how they express themselves and their style.

“And I learned a lot this time.”

He faced off against several local artists in multiple performance rounds.

For the grand finale, Mr Dinapo chose to sing This is the Moment from the musical Jekyll & Hyde.

“I love ballads, love songs and R&B,” he said.

“But I sing at lot of discos at local pubs and restaurants.”

Mr Dinapo said he stopped singing at age 13 when his voice broke.

Just before the covid pandemic, he immigrated to Australia from the Philippines.

It was then he decided to pursue music.

“I knew I had to pursue it because the cost of living is so high,” he said.

Mr Dinapo’s creative pursuits have even ventured into acting, with a recent appearance in the hit Netflix series Boys Swallow Universe, which was partially filmed in Logan.

“I sang in the show with a Vietnamese brand,” he said.

“It was really exciting, and I got to meet Hollywood actors.”

Local musician Liam Waldock placed second in the competition and Chloe Javane third.

Performance Studios’ director Lisa Lockland-Bell said the competition’s talent blew her away.

“It’s been incredible to see so many talented folks sharing their passion on our stage,” she said.

“The arts scene in South East Queensland is something truly special.

“It’s not just about the performances; it’s about the connections and the way it brings us all together.

“Events like Rise Up are a reminder of how important it is to support the arts in our community – they inspire us, bring us joy, and make our region a more vibrant place to be.”

Applications for the Rise Up Junior competition for singers aged 12-17 are open now, at performancestudios.com.au.

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