Pushing limits, New Bedford based Sleepless in New England a ‘super team’ of talent

Pushing limits, New Bedford based Sleepless in New England a ‘super team’ of talent

New Bedford boasts a rich tapestry of musical talent, and the hip-hop scene is making its mark. Enter Sleepless in New England, a team pushing boundaries across various venues, seamlessly playing alongside experimental noise bands, grunge rock outfits, and straight-up rock ensembles. This dynamic group merges music, photography, cinematography, fashion, and live performance to craft a truly unique auditory and visual experience rooted in hip hop.

At the helm is the spirited creative specialist Hendrick Hernandez-Resto, leading a team of interdisciplinary talents hailing from New Bedford, collectively known as Sleepless in New England. They’re carving out a niche for themselves.

Hernandez-Resto cherishes the mixture of experiences each member brings to the collective “Not that every single person in our team is of the culture of hip hop, right? We’re all so multicultural in so many different ways. And to see seven people operate towards one thing, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a very beautiful thing.”

With a savvy grasp of marketing and branding, the group understands that success hinges not only on the strength of their vision but also on effective promotion.

Creative specialist Hendrick Hernandez-Resto of New Bedford creative collective Sleepless in New England. Credit: David Walega / The New Bedford Light

For Hernandez-Resto the collective goes beyond just musical expression. “I discovered arts and culture as a whole, not just music and not just art and not just culture, but really arts and culture as a whole,” he said. “So that drove me to really make … almost like a super team, like an NBA super team, like an ‘86 Celtics. How many Hall of Famers can you put on one team towards one goal, and it’s to be as independent as possible, but we’re also collectively minded in pushing arts and culture forward in the name of New Bedford, in the name of our people, in the name of our ancestors, in the name of fashion, in the name of high fidelity.”

Having grown up in the digital age, Sleepless in New England is well attuned to the demands of modern media consumption, positioning themselves for both artistic acclaim and commercial viability.

Get to know them:

Bristol County Castro

Hendrick Hernandez-Resto

Emilio Tirado / Emilio Edits

Matthew Dasilva / Everclear Studios

Tyrone Giraud / Tyrone El Ministro

Robyn Martina Miranda / Salty Lips Studio

Damian Mypacklouder Dapice / Digital creator

Sleepless in New England

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