Passengers ‘trapped’ on bus 178 for 40 minutes after bus captain refuses to drive over fare evaders

Passengers ‘trapped’ on bus 178 for 40 minutes after bus captain refuses to drive over fare evaders

Bus captain refuses to drive bus 178 after passengers didn’t pay fare

On 10 May, an incident related to fare evasion on SMRT bus 178 led to several passengers reportedly being trapped on the bus.

Shin Min Daily News reported that one of its readers boarded at the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT station when several people boarded the bus from the back door.

Despite repeated warnings, they did not pay their fare, leading the bus captain to park the bus and close the doors, refusing to let anyone alight.

It wasn’t until the bus inspector arrived 40 minutes later that passengers were allowed to alight, leaving the reader angered.

Fare evaders enter bus 178 through back door, bus captain refuses to drive off

56-year-old Ms Leong told Shin Min that at around 5pm on 10 May, she boarded bus 178 at the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT station to return to Johor Bahru.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Bus 178 has services between Boon Lay to Woodlands. Ms Leong may have been travelling to Woodlands to go through customs.

“After the bus arrived at the station, the bus captain opened the front and rear doors to make it easier for passengers to board and alight from the bus,” she said.

Some passengers boarded the bus through the back door, apparently without paying the fare.

Although the bus captain shouted a reminder, no one seemed to pay him any mind. Even threats to make police reports didn’t work.

After a few minutes, the bus captain eventually decided to park the bus on the side of the road. He also closed the doors, preventing anyone from leaving.

He said he’d wait for the bus inspector to arrive.

Passengers not allowed to leave bus

Ms Leong said that many passengers who were anxious to go home immediately protested, claiming that they were in a hurry. But when they asked the bus captain to drive or let them get off the bus and take other buses, he refused.

“It’s a race against time to pass the checkpoint on the weekend, but the bus captain ignored the passengers’ protests and requests,” Ms Leong said.

40 minutes later, the bus inspector finally arrived. He allowed the passengers to tap their cards and exit the bus to transfer to the next one.

However, the bus inspector only gave verbal warnings to those who evaded their fares and did not apologise to the other affected passengers, which angered Ms Leong and other passengers.

“What sort of attitude and manner of doing things is this?” Ms Leong asked. “I have never seen such an unreasonable bus captain. I hope the bus company can provide an explanation.”

MS News has reached out to SMRT for comment.

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