Orangutan helps himself to drinks from fridge on a hot day in M’sia

Orangutan helps himself to drinks from fridge on a hot day in M’sia

Orangutan seen taking cool drink from fridge at research centre in Sabah, Malaysia

While humans all over Southeast Asia are sweltering amid an unforgiving heatwave, it can be quite unbearable for animals too.

Netizens were reminded of this when an orangutan in Malaysia was seen helping himself to refreshments from a fridge.

Faced with an array of cool drinks, he impressed some by only taking what he needed.

Source: Arthur Chung on Facebook

Orangutan rummages through fridge, having already opened door

The video of the orangutan helping himself to the fridge was shared by a netizen named Arthur Chung last Friday (10 May).

Dr Chuang is a Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests at the Sabah Forestry Department.

In the video, the orangutan is seen standing in front of a fridge with an item in his right hand, having already opened the door.

Source: Arthur Chung on Facebook

Rummaging through its contents, he picked up a canned drink and put it down again, having apparently decided it’s not worth consuming.

He then took a carton from the top shelf.

Source: Arthur Chung on Facebook

Finding it suitable for his needs, he thirstily drank the white beverage straight from the carton, spilling some on his mouth in the process.

Source: Arthur Chung on Facebook

Satisfied, he set the carton on the floor properly before making his exit.

Source: Arthur Chung on Facebook

Extremely hot weather experienced that day

Dr Chung said the video was taken at the Keruing Café in the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) located in Sepilok, a town near Sandakan, Sabah.

The orangutan’s actions were recorded by an RDC staff named Welfred Yudot.

That day, the area experienced “extremely hot weather”, he said, which might have caused the animal to drop by the café, possibly drawn to the fridge.

He then helped himself to its contents — but selectively — and left without paying, Dr Chung added.

It’s the first time orangutan took from the fridge

Dr Chung later told The Star that the orangutan was from the nearby Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and was called “Boogie”.

It was actually the second time an orangutan had visited the café for some refreshments, he said. The first time, the clever critter took some leftover drinks from a table.

Source: Chin Angel on Facebook

The second incident was the first time he’d helped himself to the fridge, but he didn’t stay long and left with some food that was inside.

“I guess maybe because of the hot weather,” Dr Chung added.

Netizens amused by video

Netizens were amused by the video, which has been shared more than 500 times.

One was impressed that the orangutan took only what he needed and didn’t create too much of a mess.

Source: Facebook

Another commenter said he was also seen at the My Nature Resort in Sabah, where he sat at the counter like he was the manager.

Source: Facebook

The animal was also favourably compared with humans from certain parts of the world who would’ve trashed the place.

Source: Facebook

The Sabah Wildlife Department, which operates the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, has been informed about Boogie’s visit, Dr Chung said.

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Featured image adapted from Arthur Chung on Facebook.

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