National Geographic Expeditions Launches Three Stunning New Itineraries for 2025

Experience AustraliaPortugal and the Azores, and Sri Lanka through the storytelling of National Geographic Experts

Travelers soon can expand their exploration of the world on three new and exciting itineraries with National Geographic Expeditions.

Australia, Portugal and the Azores, and Sri Lanka – three countries with distinctive characteristics and each with centuries of rich history and culture – are now added to the Signature Land portfolio with departures beginning in 2025.

Each tour is crafted to authentically connect guests to the destination through National Geographic storytelling as shared by National Geographic Experts and local, knowledgeable guides and naturalists. Whether guests are seeking a deeper travel experience to learn about history, wildlife and diverse landscapes, or to be inspired by real-time research and discovery, these newly announced itineraries will immerse travelers into the heart of each country.

“We are thrilled to introduce travelers to three new and exciting National Geographic Expeditions itineraries to Australia, Portugal and the Azores, and Sri Lanka,” said Nancy Schumacher, senior vice president and general manager, National Geographic Expeditions. “These immersive experiences will provide our guests with special access as we tour breathtaking landscapes and observe wildlife, while also learning from Experts and naturalists. With National Geographic Expeditions, travelers can be assured they are joining an extraordinary legacy of global exploration.”

Each Signature Land trip features a National Geographic Expert who provides specialized perspectives ranging from filmmaking, conservation and photography to archaeology, geography and much more. These Experts are passionate storytellers who have close connections to National Geographic and to the places visited. Their unique insights foster a travel experience that enlightens, inspires and goes in-depth like no other.

Bookings for all three itineraries will open on June 4. These new itineraries join the National Geographic Expeditions portfolio of more than 150 travel experiences. Complete information can be found at

Australia: Reefs, Rainforests and Wild Tasmania

Nature, wildlife and aboriginal cultures are the pillars of this 11-day itinerary that is designed to uncover a thrilling world of wonder in the Land Down Under. Guests will marvel at the Great Barrier Reef, discover indigenous artwork, meet with local experts on wildlife conservation, visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites and more.

Highlights of the expedition include:

  • Exploring the wild Tasmanian coast and sharing the same inspiration as 2012 National Geographic Traveler of the Year and Tasmanian native Robert Pennicott.
  • Snorkeling and swimming in the UNESCO World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. Guests also may choose to view colorful marine life and coral up close through a semi-submersible boat or underwater observatory.
  • Observing protected indigenous wildlife, including the charming and unique fairy penguins in their natural habitat. Learning from local animal experts about the care, conservation and rehabilitation programs at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Trekking with aboriginal guides at the Daintree Rainforest while learning about the ancient and recent history of their communities.
  • Visiting the Port Arthur Australian Convict Site and the Sydney Opera House, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Portugal and the Azores: Explorers, Ecological Wonders and Epicurean Delights

Portugal, founded in 1143, is one of the oldest countries in Europe and was at the center of the Age of Exploration. That same spirit of discovery is woven into this 10-day itinerary which includes visits to five UNESCO World Heritage sites. Connections to the past have formed today’s culture as seen in its art and architecture, ecological wonders and epicurean delights. A visit to São Miguel Island in the Azores, an archipelago of volcanic islands, completes this departure.

Highlights of this expedition include:

  • Viewing beautiful European art masterpieces at the São Roque Church where the mosaics are made from stones so fine they look like paintings, the UNESCO World Heritage Convent of Christ, one of the chief works of the Portuguese Renaissance, and the Jerónimos Monastery, designed in the Portuguese Gothic Manueline style.
  • Savoring traditional cuisine influenced by the spice trade in the East Indies, America and Africa, and touring vineyards for private wine-tastings.
  • Admiring the famed Lello Bookstore in Porto, which dates to 1906, and touring the UNESCO World Heritage city on an electric tuk tuk.
  • Kayaking or biking along the UNESCO World Heritage Douro Valley with views of rolling hills, valleys and grape vine terraces.
  • Flying to São Miguel Island in the Azores and visiting gardens, discovering the islands’ geothermal activity, exploring the Sete Cidades natural protected area and taking a whale watching tour, followed by an informative discussion with a local marine biologist.

Sri Lanka: Wildlife and Wonders of the Spice Island

Visiting Sri Lanka is a history lesson come to life. The country’s founding can be documented back 3,000 years, and travelers will be immersed in the unique stories of this biodiverse island country through art, dance, food and wildlife. This 11-day exploration includes six UNESCO World Heritage sites, plus several wildlife observation opportunities, including an ocean experience where work conducted by a National Geographic Explorer continues, including guests in real-time exploration and study.

Highlights of this expedition include:

  • Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the Galle Fort.
  • Touring the primate research station, featured in many notable film documentaries, and learning about some of the endemic species of primates that reside there. Guests will enjoy an early-morning, privately guided tour at the time of day when the animals are most active.
  • Discovering the National Geographic-supported foundation, Oceanswell, founded by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Asha de Vos, a Sri Lankan marine biologist and ocean educator. Guests can identify some of the numerous marine species that call this ocean home and participate in research data collection as part of this exclusive ocean experience.
  • Visiting the country’s famed tea country in the Central Highlands, touring a cinnamon plantation to learn how Sri Lanka produces almost 90 percent of the world’s supply and enjoying a traditional clay pot cooking class in the home of a local family.
  • Crossing the iconic Nine Arch Bridge on a scenic train ride, a true Sri Lankan cultural experience.
  • Embarking on safari drives in Yala National Park – to learn about elephants from rangers and a local conservationist – and in Bundala National Park to see wildlife, migratory and native birds, waterways and dunes along the Indian Ocean.

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