suria klcc car stolen

Man gets his car stolen from Suria KLCC, tracks and finds car on his own using Apple AirTag

Man tracks his stolen car on his own using AirTag

A man in Malaysia was shocked after finding out that his car had been stolen after dropping it off at the valet at Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.

The incident took place on 7 July after he had gone shopping inside the mall. When he returned to collect the car, he discovered it was missing.

Fortunately, the owner had Apple AirTag in the car and he used it to track and eventually locate it on the same day, leading to the arrest of the thief.

Source: Zach Khai Shin on Facebook

Man shocked after car was stolen from Suria KLCC valet

At 12.48pm on Sunday (7 July), Facebook user Zach Khai Shin posted that he visited Suria KLCC, a famous shopping mall in KL, and used its valet service to park his car.

He said he used the service to avoid wasting time looking for a parking spot as it was usually crowded during the weekends.

However, when he came back to the car park at 1.20pm after shopping for half an hour, the valet attendants told him that his car, a white Honda HRV, was missing.

suria klcc car stolen

Source: Zach Khai Shin on Facebook

He said the valet spent 10-15 minutes trying to locate his car before finally telling him that it was gone.

He added that while the car was gone, the keys remained in the valet service counter.

He then asked the valet manager to view the CCTV footage and called 999 to report the incident to the police.

Shortly after, two police officers arrived and questioned the attendants about how the car went missing.

The police then asked all of them for ID to make a record. It turned out that none of the valet attendants had any IDs on them.

Afterwards, Mr Shin went to the police station to make a statement and called a friend to help find the car.

Finally locates car on his own using Apple AirTag

On Monday (8 July), Mr Shin posted a follow-up post on Facebook, providing more details on what happened after his car got stolen.

While filing a report at the police station, he relied on his friend to use his Apple AirTag to track his car. They later found that it had been parked somewhere.

They subsequently headed to the suspect’s parking location where they confirmed with a security officer that the stolen car had been parked there at around 1.45pm.

The security officer said that the driver seemed suspicious because he was uncooperative and initially refused to roll down his window or hand over his documents for parking registration.

Soon after, the security officer saw the suspect standing in the drop-off area and immediately informed Mr Shin and his friend.

stolen car suria klcc

Source: Zach Khai Shin on Facebook

His friend called 999 and the police arrived within 10 minutes.

After reviewing the CCTV and confirming that this was the stolen Honda HRV, the suspect was apprehended and the car was taken to the police station for further investigation.

Owner criticises Suria KLCC for claiming it helped find stolen car

After the incident, the Suria KLCC management released an official statement on its Facebook page regarding the incident.

Source: Suria KLCC on Facebook

In the statement, Suria KLCC said that a comprehensive investigation was launched in cooperation with the authorities, which led to the suspect being apprehended.

“This is an unprecedented event for our valet parking service operator, as nothing of this nature has ever happened before,” it wrote.

“We are committed to reviewing and further strengthening the enforcement of our valet parking operator’s standard operating procedures to prevent any future incidents,” Suria KLCC added.

Dissatisfied with the public announcement made by Suria KLCC, Mr Shin criticised the management for claiming that it contributed a lot of beneficial evidence to this incident.

He said he had photos and videos proving that he and his friend found the suspect and the stolen car themselves.

Mr Shin then demanded Suria KLCC to explain how a car parked at a famous Malaysian tourist spot could be stolen easily, requesting to see the CCTV footage of the theft.

He said that he didn’t get to watch the CCTV footage, so he couldn’t confirm if the car had been safely parked and how it had been stolen.

He also requested for compensation for its negligence leading to his car being stolen.

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Featured image adapted from Zach Khai Shin on Facebook and Zach Khai Shin on Facebook.

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