Man from Laos who’s battling cancer wins S$1.77B US Powerball jackpot

Man from Laos who’s battling cancer wins S$1.77B US Powerball jackpot

Man from Laos wins S$1.77B US Powerball jackpot

An immigrant from Laos who’s suffering from cancer struck lucky recently after he won a whopping US$1.3 billion (S$1.77 billion) Powerball jackpot in Portland, Oregon.

After receiving his lump sum after taxes, 46-year-old Cheng Saephan intended to share the money with his wife and friend.

The jackpot is said to be the fourth largest jackpot in US history.

He has been fighting cancer for 8 years

Mr Saephan, who has been living with cancer for eight years, bought a winning Powerball ticket at a Plaid Pantry convenience store in Portland in early April, according to CBS news.

Source: People

Oregon Lottery officials later announced that Mr Saephan was the Powerball jackpot winner.

He decided to take an after-tax winning sum of S$574 million rather than an annuity paid over 30 years, says The NY Post.

“I am grateful for the lottery and how I have been blessed,” he said at a conference held by the Oregon Lottery on Monday.

Pointing out that his life has been changed, he added: “I will be able to provide for my family and my health… I’ll find a good doctor for myself.”

The sum will be shared between his wife and friend

Mr Saephan said the money would be shared evenly between his wife, Duanpen Saephan, and friend, Laiza Chao.

He shared that his friend had given him S$136 to buy some lottery tickets.

Together with his wife and friend, they bought more than 20 Powerball tickets for the 7 April draw.

laos man wins powerball

Source: Statesman Journal

After winning the prize, Mr Saephan called Chao to share the good news.

“I call her… and I asked her ‘What are you doing now?’, and she said ‘I’m driving on the way to work’. I told her ‘You don’t have to go work now,’” he told KOIN.

Mr Saephan also said to KOIN that he planned to buy a home for himself and his family in Oregon.

Additionally, he said he would keep buying Powerball tickets.

“I might get lucky again,” he quipped.

The fourth largest Powerball jackpot in history

The jackpot was the 4th largest in Powerball’s history, with the biggest so far being S$2.77 billion in 2022.

laos man wins powerball

Source: Investopedia, for illustration purposes only.

According to Oregon law, winners have to claim the top prize within one year and aren’t allowed to go anonymous.

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