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Man from Cameroon forges S’pore Sports Hub staff passes to enter Bruno Mars concert, gets 10 weeks’ jail

Man enters Bruno Mars concert with forged staff passes

On Friday (24 May), 23-year-old Karl Phillippe Njiomo Tengueu from Cameroon was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail after entering a Bruno Mars concert with faked staff passes at the Singapore Sports Hub venue on 3 April.

Tengueu flew from Cameroon to watch American singer Bruno Mars’s show in Singapore without a ticket.

He faked a staff pass and deceived multiple security officers to eventually access the VIP section.

The offender received a 10-week sentence after he pleaded guilty to three charges including forgery and cheating.

Three more charges were also considered during sentencing.

Tengueu secretly takes video of staff passes on 2 April

Channel NewsAsia reported that Tengueu had come to Singapore to watch the Bruno Mars concert.

However, he did have a ticket as they were already sold out.

On 2 April, Tengueu strolled around Singapore Sports Hub and saw some people with Sports Hub staff passes were allowed to get into the concert venue.

Coming up with a plan to enter the concert, Tengueu started talking to some staff employees and secretly taking videos of their passes.

The court videos revealed that the staff members interacted with Tengueu without any suspicion.

After taking videos of the passes, Tengueu took screenshots from the videos and photoshopped his face and name onto a staff pass.

He then printed many copies at a local printing shop.

He also made a fake VIP ticket for the Bruno Mars concert by printing an image he sourced online.

Source: 8world News

Trespasses Bruno Mars concert after doctoring staff passes

On 3 April, Tengueu disguised himself as an employee by wearing a lanyard with his forged pass and a reflective vest.

Before entering the concert venue, he shared a short video on Instagram, showing his attempt to gain entry without a valid ticket.

Tengueu was allowed to enter without undergoing standard security checks or ticket scans by the security officers.

While he was in the venue, he attempted to enter the VIP area but was stopped by a security guard who asked if he was authorised to get into the area.

Tengueu lied that he was by claiming his faked staff pass.

The guard took a photo of his forged pass before letting him in.

bruno mars staff passes

Source: @brunomars on Instagram

After the concert, the security officer found that Tengueu’s pass was forged, so he searched for him but couldn’t locate him.

Singapore Sports Hub officers were given instructions to watch for Tengueu on the following days of the concert.

On 5 April, Tengueu was finally detained by officers after trying to re-enter the stadium using his same forged pass.

23-year-old man from Cameroon pleads guilty in Singapore court

The prosecution asked for Tengueu to be jailed for 14 to 18 weeks because he went to great lengths to sneak into the venue without permission.

Tengueu’s actions were described as premeditated and planned.

“The fact that he was spreading his method of trespassing into the National Stadium on social media speaks further to the potential damage done to the security of such large-scale events,” said DDP Yu, reports the Strait Times.

“[Especially] If more were to emulate his actions of flippantly flouting security checks and cheating his way into venues that he is otherwise not authorised to enter,” the DDP emphasised.

Tengueu was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail after pleading guilty to three charges including criminal trespass, forgery and cheating, with three more charges considered during sentencing.

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Featured image adapted from 8world News and @brunomars on Instagram.

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