Jackpot joy for Jimboomba Dad

Jackpot joy for Jimboomba Dad

A Jimboomba father has won a life-changing $5 million Lotto cash prize he said would go towards “helping his children”.

“I’m going to take it all out in cash and put it through the washing machine – just kidding – I’ll help my kids out and I’ll invest it too,” he said.

“I can’t stop shaking… I haven’t slept for three days.

“All of our family are mentally gone.”

The man almost missed out on the winning ticket because of a long queue.

“It’s funny, I went to the newsagency on the weekend, and I saw there were about 15 people in the queue, and I thought, ‘Bugger this! I’ll go get my mum a Mother’s Day present’,” he said.

“I went and bought the Mother’s Day present and came back to buy a Quickpick.

“If I hadn’t left and came back, maybe those numbers wouldn’t have been drawn for me – it’s unbelievable.”

He said his family hadn’t had a chance to celebrate yet, but he would take them out sometime this week.

“I might take the adult kids to Maccas – get them a Happy Meal,” he said

“But for now, get the vanilla slice and a coffee ready at the prize payments office.”

The local resident held one of the four winning entries across the country.

His entry was unregistered, meaning officials had no way of contacting him and had to wait for him to check his ticket and come forward.

Staff at the Cusack Lane News and Tobacconist, at Jimboomba Junction Shopping Centre, where he bought the ticket, said they were happy a local had won the money.

“We’ve had some bad storms here in December 2023 and a lot of people lost parts of their homes – we hope this win brings some joy to our community of Jimboomba,” supervisor Tanya Daly said.

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry was in 2009.

“We’ve patiently been waiting to sell another one and we’re so glad that the time has finally come.

“Our team and the rest of the community are very happy for you, and we hope this changes your life for the better and brings joy to those around you.”

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