Huat ah! New S’pore telco eight is offering 88GB of free mobile data a month for 88 days

Huat ah! New S’pore telco eight is offering 88GB of free mobile data a month for 88 days

Singapore’s newest mobile service provider eight has plans from S$8/month

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar to you.

You’re in the MRT on the way to work, fully engrossed in the latest streaming sensation or amusing yourself with TikTok when suddenly, the dreaded spinning loading circle appears or your screen freezes when your connection gets cut off.

Not exactly the ideal start to your day, right?

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In this digital age, staying connected is as essential as your morning coffee. That’s where eight, Singapore’s latest mobile service provider, swoops in to save the day like that first energising sip of caffeine.

With a network that covers most of the country and extremely affordable plans, you can enjoy smooth-as-butter browsing without breaking the bank.

Get 99.9% network coverage with eight

Officially launched in April this year, eight prides itself on having the best network coverage in Singapore with an impressive 99.9% reach. You read that right: ninety-nine point nine per cent.

In fact, it promises “guaranteed connection” even in pesky spots where other networks tend to have a tough time reaching — and yes, that includes basements and MRT tunnels.

eight mobile network

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No more worrying about your show getting cut off as the train whisks you from an above-ground station to an underground one, such as from Redhill to Tiong Bahru or from Kallang to Lavender, depending on which direction you’re travelling.

The plans by eight are very reasonably priced, too.

Even the most basic one, which will set you back just S$8 a month (cheaper than most cai png orders with fish, probably), gets you these goodies:

  • 188GB of local data (4G)
  • 8GB of Asia-Pacific (APAC) roaming in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Taiwan
  • 1GB of international roaming
  • 288 international direct dialling (IDD) minutes and 288 local minutes
  • 88 local SMSes

At S$18 a month, the perks get even bigger and better. More details will be released at a later date.

First 88,888 users enjoy 88GB of free local data

If you’re somehow still on the fence about whether to port over, we recommend trying it out for yourself first.

Be among the first 88,888 users to sign up with eight, and you’ll get to enjoy a free mobile plan for 88 days along with these fantastic features completely free of charge each month:

  • 88GB of local data
  • 1GB of APAC roaming Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Taiwan
  • 88 call minutes
  • 88 SMSes

eight mobile network

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Once the promotional period has ended, you will be able to choose from either of the two plans — the S$8 or S$18 ones — to continue with the service.

You don’t want to be l8 to this party so head over to eight’s website to register ASAP.

Alternatively, send the telco a WhatsApp message saying “Hi” or “Huat” to +65 8880 8888 and it’ll guide you on the next steps.

For more information, follow eight on Facebook and Instagram.

As you can see, indulging in a seamless binge-watch on your commute doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

When you’re not pulling your hair out over a poor mobile signal, you can arrive at your destination in a much better mood, ready to take on the day.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with eight.

Featured image courtesy of eight and adapted from RyanKing999 on Canva, for illustration purposes only.

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