How Programs Can Transform Your MLB The Show Experience

MLB The Show’s Programs are like mini-seasons packed with challenges and rewards. They offer a fresh way for you to play beyond just exhibition matches.

When you complete Program objectives, you’ll earn valuable packs, XP boosts, and even exclusive player cards you can’t find anywhere else. You can use these rewards to significantly improve your team, and the changing Program structure keeps things exciting with new goals and content to chase throughout the season.

So, if you’re looking to add a layer of progression and unlock hidden gems for your squad, Programs are definitely worth taking advantage of. But what exactly are they, how do they work, and how can you quickly progress through them? This article shares everything you need to know.

What Are Programs in MLB The Show 24?

Programs in MLB The Show 24 are challenge-packed seasons with rewards earnings potential.

If you’ve ever played Fortnite, MLB Programs are similar to Fortnite’s Battle Passes. To play and progress in Programs, you’ll need an internet connection – it’s not an offline game feature.

During your time playing the game, you’ll be introduced to a range of different Programs, giving you the opportunity to take on different challenges (Tasks) and win benefits and perks (Rewards).

The most common Rewards that you’ll get from Programs are Diamond Dynasty items, but you can still advance your progress in any mode. 

Are Programs A Paid Feature?

No, MLB Game Programs aren’t a paid feature, which means they’re accessible to everyone. You can complete every Program for free, and, as long as you fulfill its requirements, you’ll progress in the game.

How to Get Ahead in Programs

There’s one main, seasonal Program in MLB The Show 24, which rotates every two months or so.

This Program involves playing matches, which will reward you with XP, something that helps you to progress.

There are other ways to earn XP, too: primarily by completing Mini Seasons, Conquests, Ballplayer Skill Sets, March-October campaigns, and more.

In terms of how the Program format compares to last year, it’s very similar in MLB The Show 24. As with ‘23, Programs are streamlined, and most of your progress is funneled into the main Program.

That said, there are other Programs for some of the game events, as well as for your Ballplayer. In this case, you won’t earn XP to progress, but you can complete Tasks that give you access to locked Rewards. So, you still get the chance to earn XP, and there are other cool Rewards, too, like Show Packs. 

Final Word

MLB The Show Programs are a fun way to stay engaged in the game and get your hands on some decent Rewards They provide a path to build your dream team and ultimately conquer the competition.

Hopefully, you found the information in this article helpful, and you’re now ready to dive into Programs, earn those Rewards, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.