Highlander Hilarity

The Spring Quarter Shenanigans

It&#8217s that time of 12 months all over again — the ________ (adjective) Spring Quarter is in this article, and the ________ (noun, plural) are ________ (verb, current tense) all around campus ________ (adverb). With ________ (noun) in hand, college students are embarking on their ________ (adjective) adventures. Following 7 days, pupils will  ________ (verb, long run tense) in the ________ (noun), and it will be a ________ (adjective) sight to behold. Currently, college students ________ (verb) underneath the ________ (put on campus), and the HUB is buzzing with ________ (verb, current tense). The breeze as a result of campus tends to make the ________ (adjective) analyze periods truly feel ________ (adjective). Hopefully for a several a lot more months, learners can steer clear of the ________ (adjective) nooks and crannies of the library. Ah, Spring Quarter at UCR — normally an journey!


The Callery Pear Pungency

Strolling as a result of campus, the ________ (adjective) odor of the callery pear tree ________ (verb, current tense) unpleasantly, overpowering any semblance of a pleasurable fragrance. The smell is so robust it could make even ________ (your beloved professor on campus) cancel course. Commencing this quarter, the foul aroma will permeate the walkway by the bookstore, and ________ (verb) in the air like an offensive cloud. Even the ________ (your preferred area on campus), after a breath of contemporary air, will be enveloped in the rancid stench. Learners will not enable but grimace as the ________ (adjective) smell appears to be to suffocate the atmosphere, leaving ________ (Entire body Aspect, Plural) almost everywhere wishing for aid.

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