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Lowering your household costs: $1,300 off your electricity bill

 Helping you save money

Now that we’re in July our electricity rebate will be automatically applied to your bill!

Thanks to the Miles Labor government and Albanese Labor Government, every Queensland household is getting $1,300 off their electricity bill (and an extra $372 for seniors)!

The best part is that any amount you don’t use will stay on your account for future bills – so you won’t be paying an electricity bill for ages.

The Albanese Labor government is also providing tax cuts for every taxpayer – helping you to put some extra money in your back pocket for you and your family.

And next month our 50c Translink fares kick in!

Any trip you take, no matter how far you go, will only cost you 50c.

That means if you take the train from Loganlea Station to Central Station for work, you’ll save more than $60 a week!

In August you’ll also be getting 20 per cent off your car rego fees!

It’ll be automatically applied – you don’t need to do anything.

More Logan Hospital upgrades

Our brand-new Emergency Department Short Stay Unit opened at Logan Hospital.

A Short Stay Unit is where patients can rest for ongoing medical observation and assessment.

It also helps patients flow through the emergency department more efficiently, freeing up space.

This is fantastic news for our community!

Mabel Park State High School 25th Anniversary of Multicultural Program

Was incredibly delighted to attend Mabel Park State High School’s celebrations in June. Students showcased the songs, dances, and traditions passed down from generation to generation in their cultures.

The performances were outstanding, it was a wonderful celebration to take part in.

Reach out!

I’m out and about in the community each week at mobile offices and door knocking.

If you’d like to find out where we’ll be, please contact my office: [email protected] or 3445 3100.









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