Just a bunch of morons watching other morons

I can comprehend the interest in motor racing, a activity in which conditioning and finesse play an integral part in who emerges the victor.

I can fully grasp the thrill of seeing a celebration that requires the spinning of tyres and spraying of dust and smoke.

Lets put it in the identical category as a shoey, also a motor racing custom. Smelly, sure. Unhygienic, almost certainly. Worth it, probably not.

But elite athletes have bought to do what elite athletes have bought to do.

One particular point about motor racing is that its an elite sport. It takes cash to race, and even additional dollars to contend at top rated amount.

Take System 1 which is a shootout of a mere 20 motorists in unequal vehicles, spending tens of millions to showcase abilities of enormous precision at higher pace.

If you exceed expectation, you might get to push once more a calendar year later on.

There are few winners, and many losers. Imagine about that for a moment.

When I went to college, if you couldnt make the cricket team, you performed tennis.

I performed tennis. Now of system, tennis is a profession for individuals who are excellent at it.

If you make the major 1000 gamers in the entire world, you may still have to reside out of the back of a van, but the prize revenue will fork out for your wheaties in the morning, and noodles at evening.

Rank as one of the 1000 greatest car or truck motorists in the earth and youre caught in an Uber ready for the lights to change guiding a family members thats just been by means of the rapid-meals travel through, much more intent on passing every other a chip than they are hitting the velocity restrict in 3 seconds.

Which, I suppose, prospects me to my stage.

What I cant get my head around is the thrill of hooning.

So I test to set my brain into the head of a hoon to envision what morsel of delight loud engine noises and unnecessary destruction of public spaces could crank out.

Why? For the reason that Im empathetic. Because I want to have an understanding of you, and what helps make you tick in a bid to make myself much more tolerant to your senseless tribal nonsense.

You were most likely that child who, in the sand pit at university, put in his lunch time driving toy vehicles into each and every other, and who now tailgates dangerously on highways in a b-double you connect with your oasis because its got a curtain you attract amongst the front seat and a fridge.

Dont get me incorrect. Thats not a negative point. Maintain a safe and sound length from the car or truck in entrance of you and Im your person mainly because youre the 1 filling our supermarket cabinets with products and generating our financial system flip.

All your life youve wanted to be that dude doing the burnouts.

Then, you hear that theres an occasion in which screeching options as the most important act in a crowd of rebellious types who see law enforcement as the enemy and a baseball bat as their mate.

You scream as a person with extra pounds than feeling goes via a few sets of tyres they leave embedded on the street of a suburban neighbourhood.

Although youre hollering for the future buffoon to bring his vehicle to the centre of the ring like a breakdance shift in the 80s, youre likely realising that after all individuals years of imagining you as well could be the a person creating the smoke, that youre however a person of the crowd.

At minimum youre not currently being arrested, and as opposed to the a person who squandered their dole money on grease, youre not impacted very the similar by price-of-dwelling pressures.

Alternatively, youre sitting down on the aspect of the road – a moron cheering morons – wondering youre portion of some kind of cult movement.

And youre suitable. Like most cults theres just one chief and a complete heap of followers who conclusion up taking in the chocolate place beneath their pillow, consuming the Kool Assist that turns your brain mushier than its latest condition.

I get it. Youre susceptible.

You consider youre section of a little something particular, and who the hell am I to convey to you youre not.

The only position Im in is to convey to you that my neighbourhood isnt the location for your small-minded behaviour, and that contrary to a 15-year-previous in a stolen automobile, I pay back my fees and taxes with 1 peace mission in thoughts.

That being a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Hey Wanda, is that steam coming from my ears, or is my empathy having to pay off? Surely theres a match of tennis on spend tv.


Spanian makes “hood” of our home

Deliver all your rigs and bikes and comprehensive deliver it – place Logan on the map.”

That was the concept shared by locals on social media, inviting like-minded followers of Australian rapper and influencer Spanian to a ‘meet and greet’ on Bourke Avenue at Waterford West on Saturday 9 March.

Locals say the working day was intended to be a memorial of Jai Anderson, a 17-calendar year-aged who was killed in a strike-and-operate just above a calendar year in the past on the identical road.

But the moment information of Spanian’s arrival in Logan distribute, the intensity turned up a notch.

It’s predicted much more than 350 folks flooded the 800m road, leaving it lined in skid marks, graffiti and rubbish that remain a 7 days later.

Law enforcement called it an “out of control”, big-scale hooning celebration.

Spanian was filming a vlog for his well-liked Youtube collection “Into the Hood”, which files the rapper as he travels to the world’s “most dangerous hoods”.

Logan was upcoming on his record.

In the direct-up to the anniversary of Jai Anderson’s demise on 4 March, Bourke Road residents noted increased hooning conduct.

“It was all evening each evening, all day every working day,” regional Sharyn Crawford explained.

At the time Ms Crawford figured out Spanian was coming, she even warned police.

The meet up with-and-greet was meant to past an hour, finishing at 2.30pm.

Ms Crawford said it didn’t get started “dying down” until 4pm.

“I had a assist employee here for my disabled daughter, who was leaving just as it was all commencing, and she stated she was blessed to get out of the street,” Ms Crawford reported.

“People couldn’t go away.”

She described the function as “loud, busy and scary”.

“I’m sitting down here in the house, and I’m choking on the fumes and the scent of burning rubber,” she explained.

“It was coming into the residence.

“I’m listening to cheering, carrying on, swearing, sirens all over the place – the entire operates.”

Ms Crawford stated Bourke Avenue was packed “wall-to-wall” with persons.

“You had 350 persons in that avenue performing wheelies and hooning and carrying on, and laughing mainly because police have been in their autos and could not contact them,” she explained.

“Police couldn’t even shift because there had been too numerous people.

“I’m a solitary woman, with a seriously disabled daughter – it’s frightening.”

Some other citizens MyCity Logan spoke to explained what transpired as “just young children getting fun”.

But Logan police warned on the seriousness of mass hooning gatherings.

These routines are not just reckless they disturb and endanger the lives of the group and cause sizeable property hurt,” superintendent Mark Thompson said.

“This conduct will not be tolerated, and those people liable will be held accountable.”

So much, 18 folks have been charged with over 50 offences in relation to the incident ranging from severe assault police, dangerous operation of a motor motor vehicle, and evading police.

Some have been charged with drug possession, hooning, and entering a premises with “intent to dedicate [an] indictable offence”.


Video: Men charged over Shailer Park meth lab

An alleged top secret drug lab was yesterday (Monday 26 March) found out in a Shailer Park household.

Two adult males, aged 40 and 50, have because been billed.

Police say a joint investigation by the Condition Drug Squad and Crime and Corruption Fee led to a search warrant at the tackle.

Police say they identified a drug laboratory they imagine was used to prepare dinner methylamphetamine.

They also found big quantities of methylamphetamine oil, methylamphetamine shards, precursor chemicals and close to 2.2 kilograms of heroin.

“It will be alleged that the lab had been in procedure for numerous months and experienced the capacity to deliver multiple kilogram batches of methylamphetamine,” a law enforcement statement mentioned.

“Specialist officers from the Illicit Laboratory Investigation Workforce (ILIT) attended the location to securely process the internet site.”

The two adult males had been billed with trafficking, making and possessing methylamphetamine and possessing heroin.

Investigations are ongoing.


Video: man caught 60km/h over limit, Easter plea

Footage of a Logan motorist allegedly caught speeding much more than 60km/h over the limit has been released by police as element of a pre-Easter plea.

The clip – the next of a few different incidents revealed in the down below video clip – demonstrates a 21-yr-previous South Maclean gentleman with police immediately after allegedy travelling 142km/h in an 80km/h zone.

“Do you know how silly it is,” a police officer can be heard stating to the male.

“You’ve acquired your kids in the automobile.”

The male was fined $1780 and 8 demerit points.

“… his licence will be suspended for six months,” a police statement mentioned.

The initial clip in the below online video displays the instant a 50-year-outdated Woombye male was intercepted allegedly driving with a breath alcoholic beverages written content of .262.

The third clip exhibits a 39-year-old North Ward male allegedly intercepted travelling 154km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Burnett Highway, Ginoondan.

Performing Commissioner Steve Gollschewski claimed law enforcement would be out in pressure these Easter holiday seasons.

We have seen significantly as well lots of deadly crashes this calendar year already, he reported.

Every crash leaves a devastated spouse and children powering.

During past a long time Easter enforcement street security initiative, law enforcement detected 1244 drink and drug motorists over the college holiday interval, and issued 11,181 infringements to motorists, together with 1,126 infringements for rushing.

In the initial two months of 2024, law enforcement performed 238,154 breath assessments and 8197 drug assessments throughout Queensland.

They detected 2176 drink driving offences and 1899 drug driving offences.





Dear Sheriff Heroux … – The New Bedford Light

One day in July in the exercise yard at the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction in North Dartmouth, an inmate approached the sheriff with a few things on his mind. The sheriff asked him to put it all on paper, and he did: six handwritten pages on jailhouse suicide, virtual visiting, toothbrushes, nail clippers, privacy in showering, canteen prices, driving classes. 

It was an earful, and just an opener. Chat me up again, wrote the inmate, who apparently had spent years behind bars in state and county institutions. “I think you’d want to hear my insights,” the inmate wrote. “If not, then I understand your (sic) a busy man!!”

Sheriff Paul Heroux, former state legislator and Attleboro mayor, has been busy since Jan. 4, 2023, when he stepped into the job that had been held by one man for 25 years. He’s been reforming the agency of some 500 employees, but also answering letters from inmates, while sometimes apologizing for taking months to do so. 

He’s been gaining a reputation for seeking out different points of view from his staff, and also from inmates in his visits to the housing units, and in letters.

A public records request turned up 107 letters from inmates to Heroux from early January 2023 to early February 2024. 

Written correspondence between Bristol County Sheriff Paul Heroux and inmates provides a glimpse into prison life. Credit: Eleonora Bianchi / The New Bedford Light

No letters immediately surfaced to Heroux’s predecessor, Thomas M. Hodgson, who also received inmates’ correspondence, according to his former spokesperson, Jonathan Darling. If Hodgson’s letters were kept, it was apparently not all in one place, as a member of Heroux’s legal crew said he could not find them. 

Heroux said his inner state legislator feels compelled to write back to his “constituents,” who include some 600 to 700 people held in custody on an average day. Typically, more than half are in pre-trial detention, the rest serving sentences for offenses punishable by up to 2½ years. 

They send complaints, thanks, suggestions. They write frequently about food, their tablet computers, visiting procedures, medical and mental health, and addiction treatment. 

One inmate sent five letters totaling 62 pages — in handwriting ranging from tightly controlled to loose and looping — alleging that his entire family was murdered and billions of dollars stolen from a trust fund. Heroux said he could not figure a way to answer that. He said he responds to questions he can address, even if it’s by saying the issue falls outside the sheriff’s authority.

Under state law governing criminal records, the Sheriff’s Office struck inmates’ names out of the records. Otherwise, the letters offer a glimpse of life inside the House of Correction complex in North Dartmouth and the Ash Street Jail and Regional Lock-Up in New Bedford. 

‘The girls all loved the chicken chow mein’

Writing in November from the Women’s Center in the North Dartmouth complex, an inmate said she didn’t want to sound like she was complaining about the food — but. Perhaps a few menu changes might be considered. 

The body of her letter ran five paragraphs, mentioning fruit and condiments and bananas, and real sugar in the canteen. Then came a “P.S.” just about as long:

“Sorry, I keep thinking of more things,” she wrote. “Like salad or in the mornings I know there’s a budget but waffles or pancakes with maple syrup, or even the oatmeal with apples and cinnamon (spelling?) I don’t mean to complain or come off as ungrateful, but I know I took those things for granted, and I wish I didn’t, but I know I and the other inmates would love to have that added to our menu! A bigger variety of veggies and fruit, and coffee once a week or something…

“Oh! Like the girls all loved the chicken chow mein or lo mein, whatever it is called, it is something different and good!” 

Heroux answered a few days later, mentioning menu changes, including: “more of a variety of freshly made lunch and dinner meal options …The vendor has already begun to provide more of a variety of Fruits each week…”

Bologna sandwiches are out, replaced with cold cut varieties, he wrote. Products high in sugar are out, and so are sugar packets, which “can be used to produce a very toxic chemical that inmates ingest to get intoxicated.”

The administration was working on more breakfast variety, including eggs, maybe sliced apples with oatmeal, and, yes, possibly maple syrup. Coffee? Under consideration, the sheriff wrote. No promises.

He didn’t want to be handcuffed

The inmate writing on Dec. 18 had a word for conditions in North Dartmouth: “deplorable.”

The inmate was in a “special management unit” for prisoners whose time outside the cell is curtailed. He objected to how he was being disciplined for what he described as a “non violent, non aggressive issue” with a lieutenant. 

He claimed officers were not following state procedural codes, and said he had filed several grievances. He said he was denied his right to a disciplinary hearing because he did not want to be handcuffed and leave his cell, and had yet to receive a disciplinary report. He said his tablet computer — granted to every inmate for limited access to the internet, books, movies, email, and making phone calls — had been switched off. 

“Your facility is violating my rights,” he wrote. 

Two days later, Heroux responded. He said the inmate would have been granted a hearing if he’d been willing to leave his cell, and that hearings could not be conducted at the cell door, as the inmate suggested. 

Heroux explained the rules about tablets in a “special management unit”: the device could be switched off entirely if the inmate received a disciplinary report while held there.

“The tablets are a privilege, not a right,” Heroux wrote. “We are happy to activate the tablet assigned to you as soon as behavior changes.”

Heroux also offered some advice on behavior: “I was informed about some of the problems you have had while here. No one wants to have a problem with you. Don’t draw any attention to yourself. Please consider that if the staff don’t know who you are because there is never any attention on you, you won’t lose any privileges.”

‘Can you allow this facility to have video visitation?’

Televisions are mounted on walls in several common areas in the North Dartmouth housing facilities, but there are none in the cells. Early in his tenure the former sheriff, Thomas Hodgson, had them removed, saying he thought inmates could make better use of their time. 

One inmate writing in December thought otherwise. He asked about installing TVs and expanding access to tablet computers. 

“Could you also consider increasing the tablet curfew by one hour instead of 9 pm we could enjoy the resources of the tablet until 10 pm or allow us 24 hour access to the tablets,” the inmate wrote. He was asking for a change from corrections staff’s practice of collecting all the tablets from inmates at night and plugging them into a multi-tablet charger. 

And, he wondered, could the tablets offer a way to visit with people who live far away? “My family doesn’t live close by so I am unable to get visits. Can you allow this facility to have video visitation so I can see my loved ones.”

About a week later, Heroux answered. TVs are being considered, he wrote. And a change was coming with the tablets.

“We are going to be giving inmates a table charger they can have in their cell so that they can have their tablets overnight,” he wrote. 

“Video visits are something I have decided to allow,” Heroux added. “It will take some time, probably months, to get it up and running.”

In a March 20 email to The Light, Heroux said these changes were in the works, but had not yet been made. 

‘You never know what someone is thinking’

What was going on with the shower? In this inmate’s housing unit, it seemed the showers were not working nearly as well as elsewhere. 

“Our water barely hits our body,” the inmate wrote in December. “Also we need to push a button every ten to fifteen seconds just so our shower can stay on and unlike every other unit our (unit) does not have any shower curtains, which just might be a ‘Prea’ violation,” he wrote, referring to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, a law adopted in 2003. “You never know what someone is thinking walking by and seeing you without clothes in the shower.”

The letter, running just over two pages, touched on other matters: why must inmates wear their jail uniforms — beige for sentenced inmates, dark green for pre-trial detainees — almost all day? Why are certain items being removed from the list of products that inmates can order from the virtual “canteen” of snacks, clothing and personal products? When would a certain housing unit be reopened for sentenced inmates?

Heroux answered a couple weeks later:

“I am working many ‘bricks and mortar’ infrastructure issues. I will let the maintenance director know about your concern. If these are in disrepair, we will add this to the list, but it may be many months before we can actually do it.”

In another letter answering an inmate’s concerns about the showers, privacy and the PREA, Heroux wrote that the showers comply with the federal law. He did not address that issue in his response to this inmate. 

The housing unit the inmate mentioned in December will open once there are toilets installed in the cells and locks on the doors, the sheriff wrote. He referred to a multi-million dollar project to make these changes to that unit and 10 others, where the door to the housing unit locks, of course, but not the individual cell doors in the unit. 

Canteen items, Heroux wrote, are decided by the vendor, not the administration. 

Better news on uniforms: “The policy about when you need to wear uniforms is likely going to change in the future. Stay tuned.”

Contact visits with a girlfriend? A baby?

In his first year, Heroux handled several requests for “contact visits,” meaning inmate and visitor are supervised by a correctional officer, but not separated by a physical barrier such as a glass partition. In a March 20 email, Heroux said physical contact is allowed “on a case by case basis.”

In January this year, an inmate wrote two letters, each in part asking for such a visit with his girlfriend, whom he had not seen in a year, for Valentine’s Day.

In his response on Feb. 2, the sheriff did not say yes or no: “As to contact visits, we are considering them. We’re looking at a bunch of policy changes.”

A year ago, weeks after Heroux took office, an inmate wrote asking for a contact visit with her infant daughter, who she said had spent much of the first months of her life in Boston hospitals, being treated for a congenital condition. Details were stricken for legal reasons. 

The baby was awaiting another surgery, the inmate wrote in February 2023, and there was a strong chance she would not survive. The inmate wrote that she knew she had made “mistakes in my life, mistakes that led me to be in this position in the first place,” but the child was innocent. Were she not able to see the child and, perhaps, “say goodbye, is something I would never be able to forgive myself for.”

Heroux responded briefly in April: “Thank you for reaching out. I approved the contact visit with your daughter. I hope it is a nice reunion.”

Email reporter Arthur Hirsch at [email protected].

Biden, Trump sail through as 14.6% of city voters cast ballots

March 6, 2024March 6, 2024

Presidential primary not expected to bring ‘Super’ turnout on Tuesday

March 4, 2024March 5, 2024

Mayor slams plan to close federal building in New Bedford

February 22, 2024February 28, 2024


Comments to The Light: Marijuana possession pardons ‘fair, humane’

The Light-weight asked audience to weigh in on Gov. Maura Healey’s plan to problem a blanket pardon to those convicted of misdemeanor cannabis possession. If  you want to comment on the challenge, send an e mail to [email protected]. Remember to involve your identify and call data for verification, and write “Marijuana” in the subject line.

Listed here are some of the responses we received:

“It is blatantly crystal clear that previous cannabis convictions have experienced a disproportionately negative effects on Black and Brown communities across our place. Incarceration fees for cannabis convictions are considerably higher in these communities, as properly.

“Gov. Healey has built the right phone, in my belief. There are presently too numerous limitations to economic and social fairness. Eradicating one is the minimum we can do. The voters turned down the use of cannabis as illegal yrs back.”

— Dawn Blake Souza

“Gov. Healey’s proposed govt pardon of incarcerated people today and these previously convicted of uncomplicated marijuana possession is truthful, humane and unquestionably will help you save significant taxpayer money. From all views this is a commendable govt motion.

“It will preserve taxpayers cash that is getting expended to incarcerate people who are serving time entirely for simple possession. These beforehand convicted of possession who have been denied work, housing, child custody or unsupervised visitation, and other gains offered to the normal general public, will be returned to a non-legal position and the onus of conviction will be lifted. 

“With rampant unemployment in specified small business sectors, with employing indicators all over the place, positions will eventually be loaded. This will be a earn for firms in determined want of staff members and the taxes paid out by these employed will inure to all people of Massachusetts.

“And from a purely humanitarian perspective this is the right factor to do, specifically in check out of the a lot of states that have decriminalized very simple possession. And the moment yet again Massachusetts will direct in removing an unnecessary and unfair impediment that has been shown to disproportionately penalize sure much less privileged users of society.”

— Betty Ussach, Dartmouth

“I concur with the pardon only for those people today who have a clean up history right after their conviction of cannabis.”

— Larry Correia 

A lot more Community Voices

March 24, 2024March 24, 2024

The Feast and accusations of gender discrimination: ‘That’s messed up’

March 21, 2024March 21, 2024

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra flutist welcomes us to spring

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Premmie playgroup unites parents – MyCity Logan

A area playgroup dedicated to supporting the mothers and fathers of prematurely born toddlers has uncovered accomplishment setting up group though breaking limitations and stigma.

The Benevolent Society’s Brown Plains Early Many years Centre operates a weekly premmies playgroup that aims to assist parents and build “positive interaction”.

Baby improvement professional Jodi McMurtrie claimed interactions with other parents absent from medical practitioners was necessary.

She mentioned mother and father with premmie babies shared a selection of feelings and struggles, such as anxiety, thoughts of helplessness, unmet anticipations, shock, confusion and disruption to plan.

“As very well as inherent separation from their baby though in NICU,” Ms McMurtrie explained.

“Families are in a position to meet up with in a placing which is perform-dependent and not a healthcare location.

“This allows the families to rest and love their child although mastering how to support development and progress along with other people.”

She reported there was a stigma encompassing the struggles of staying the dad or mum to a premmie.

“There is not plenty of details regarded or recognized within just the broader group,” Ms McMurtrie reported.

There are 27,000 babies born prematurely each individual 12 months in Australia and much more than 15 million globally.

Ms McMurtrie said there had been a sturdy favourable response from the playgroup’s dad and mom.

“They truly feel approved and recognized when they are in a group with families who have comparable ordeals,” she said.

“They specific how grateful they are having identified this group and remaining portion of it.

“They have elevated guidance and have designed excellent relationships which extend exterior the weekly playgroup.

“Parents say that they sense acknowledged and are not judged for how their babies are increasing and developing, and that they sense like they belong.”

The playgroup is perform-primarily based, and delivers family members access to a wellness nurse, occupational therapist, NDIS early understanding and RACQ’s ‘Kids in Cars’ method.




What’s on this week, 26 March

Computer Group for Seniors

The Logan Seniors Personal computer Team fulfills from 9am-12pm on the second and fourth Saturdays of each and every month at Logan West Library. The small, experienced aged, and pleasant team has been aiding locals because 1995. Associates share their knowledge of computers, cellular phones, tablets and other technological know-how, and assist each and every other (inexperienced persons to highly developed). Provide your have personal computer or share with some others. Morning tea or coffee is available. Dawn 0413 938 947

Sq. Dancing Exercising

Master present day square dancing on Wednesday 10 April at the Logan City Sq. Centre. Organisers say there’s no complex footwork to discover – it is just walking in time to songs. The session will operate from 10am-12pm and expenses $7 for every particular person. 161A Magnesium Generate Crestmead. Mild bodily and mental physical exercise even though interacting with others in your Square. Get hold of Jane on 0405 316 469 or [email protected].

Emergency Psychological Well being Prepare

Develop an Emergency Mental Wellness Action Plan (EMHAP) this Autumn to keep on top rated of our psychological wellness. An EMHAP is a proactive approach to managing mental wellness and making certain correct treatment is in spot when desired most. Absolutely free workshops will be held all over Logan, which includes Beenleigh Historical Village (20 March and 15 May perhaps, 5.30-7.30pm) and Logan Balanced Residing, Meadowbrook (24 April, 5.30-7.30pm). Register at

Early Easter at Bethania

Head to Bethania Neighborhood Centre on Saturday 30 March for an early Easter celebration. With entertaining, foodstuff, and festivities, this function guarantees a excellent time for all ages. Easter eggs, a sausage sizzle, games, a mini industry, facepainting, new music and far more from 10am-2pm. The occasion is totally free. 88-118 Station Road Bethania

Artisan Rum Comedy Evening

Beenleigh Artisan Rum Distillery is internet hosting one more comedy evening on Saturday 30 March. Highlighted comedians contain Joe Patrick, Jonny Wintertime, and Mark O’Connell. The night’s headliner, Dusty Rich, will entertain the audience with his “off the cuff” comedy. The evening commences at 6.30pm. Head to Beenleigh Artisan Rum Distillery to e book. Tickets are $15 for each person.