Families battle cost of living crisis

Forde families have seen their standard of living crushed under Labor, and there is absolutely no apparent plan from this government to restore it.

With a few weeks to go until the Federal Budget, we’re yet to see any signs from Labor that it’s taking inflation seriously.

All we’ve had so far are broken promises and ideological crusades.

Under Labor, prices have increased 10 per cent with even larger increases for many essential items:
 Food is up 10 per cent
 Education is up 11 per cent
 Housing is up 12 per cent
 Insurance is up 26 per cent
 Electricity and gas are up by 18 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

The residents of Forde have been hit by higher prices, higher mortgage repayments and higher taxes under Labor.

Australia’s inflation is higher than most advanced economies – including the US.
Labor’s pre-election promise of a $275 reduction in household bills is in tatters.

A family with a $750,000 mortgage is paying $24,000 more per year on their repayments, while renters have experienced their highest increases since 2009.

After nearly two years, Labor has failed to rein in spending and boost productivity to beat inflation.

Instead, Labor’s economic and energy policies are making matters worse.

The young families of Forde are feeling the pinch more than ever too.

Out of pocket costs for early childhood education increased by 3.9 per cent in the March 2024
quarter – as well as the 3.2 per cent it grew in December ’23.

The cost-of-living crisis hasn’t disappeared, and for many families it’s getting harder to juggle their expenses.

The reality is we didn’t have to be here.

Labor has had two budgets to rein in spending and boost productivity to beat inflation.

Instead, productivity has collapsed, and Labor has spent an additional $209 billion since the last election.

I’m certain next month’s Budget will have all the bells and whistles attached, but constituents of Forde will need to bear in mind what it is really costing them in the long run.

Australian families deserve real answers.

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