Embrace the Outdoors

As midterms approach, escaping the confines of the library and embracing the outdoors can rejuvenate your spirit. Here are ten ways to infuse your college life with outdoor adventures.

  1. Walk to class

If you’re a commuter or a student who walks to campus, skip the scooter and enjoy a refreshing walk to class. Arrive early to wander through campus and savor the scenic routes for a tranquil start to your day. One fun path you can explore is the grassy trail by Olmsted; once you’ve hit the art building, there’s a grass field with trees perfect for a picnic in between classes.

  1. Eat outside

Enjoy your lunch break under the red umbrellas near the Highlander Union Building (HUB) or explore the serene garden by Orbach Library rather than eating in your car or at home. There are tables with charging outlets behind Coffee Bean, making it a great spot to study and eat.

  1. Study outside

Utilize outdoor seating areas, like those near the Student Success Center (SSC), for a change of scenery while hitting the books. Although you run the risk of the wind blowing all of your papers away, the time in sunshine may keep you a little bit more peppy throughout your study session.

  1. Hang out at the barn between classes

The Barn behind the Humanities building is a popular lunch spot near Lot 4. Its variety of food makes it the perfect spot to stop between classes, and drink refreshing beverages to keep you cool in this hot weather. The patio makes it a perfect spot to catch up with friends over lunch, study and just chill between classes. And if you are a lover of live music, they often have bands perform during dinner time!

  1. Facetime your friends 

If you’re a bit shy, this one may come as a challenge to you. However, if you pick a quiet location outside to sit and chat with your long-distance friends, it may make the Facetime date even more enjoyable. While you’re at it, go for a walk around campus while you’re on Facetime to get some steps in. 

  1. Walk and listen

Take a stroll while listening to your favorite music or audiobooks using apps like Audible or Libby for a relaxing break from studying. Audible has just about every book on the market at your fingertips with a monthly subscription. I recommend downloading Libby, which is an app where you can check out e-books and audiobooks on your phone or iPad from your local library at no charge. You just need to sign up for a free library card if you don’t already have one. Reading large or dense books like “Dune” or “Midnight Sun” is time-consuming, but listening to the audiobook version is an easier task than sitting down and chugging through it all. 

  1. Take a neighborhood stroll

Venture around your neighborhood and embrace the sights and sounds of local life while soaking in the outdoors. Stare at the mountains. Romanticize life by pretending you are in a YouTube video narrating your life while walking around your neighborhood. Explore on foot what houses and streets are around you. Try something fun like playing I-spy or searching for odd sights along the way.

  1. Go for a hike

After midterm week, schedule a day with a large group of friends or two and take a hike to the C! There are many trails around Riverside and the Inland Empire that make for beautiful adventures. If you have transportation and a full day available, go early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to the Hollywood Hills hike! This Los Angeles bucket list find will be worth the trip. Reward yourself with some Jamba after and take some pictures!

  1. Relax at the beach

Join weekend beach socials organized by clubs like the Latino Business Student Association or the Running Club at UCR for a fun-filled day of sun, sea and relaxation. The warmer season is approaching, so take the opportunity to plan a lovely trip after many hours studying at the library. 

  1.  Explore Downtown Riverside

One of the beautiful things about our college campus is its accessibility to the Downtown Riverside and the many museums and shops it has to offer. Take advantage of free transit to explore Downtown Riverside and its cafes, museums and bookstores or immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant art scene.

With these ten outdoor escapades, you can break free from the routine of campus life and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

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