Edgy & Hedgy hit the high notes

Edgy & Hedgy hit the high notes

Two siblings from Heritage Park, raised in a household filled with music, have put aside sibling rivalry to embrace harmony in song.

Jasmine and Taylor Wheatley, aged 17 and 14, go by the stage name Edgy and Hedgy.

The say their connection is almost “telepathic”.

“We work really well together – we kind of just know what the other is going to do,” Mr Wheatley (Hedgy) said.

Ms Wheatley (Edgy) agreed, saying the music “flows” when they play together.

“I just know when Taylor’s going to move to a different chord,” she said.

The pair said they get along better than most siblings.

“It’s almost like we can’t argue without ending up laughing,” Ms Wheatley said.

“We take turns, so if someone makes one decision the other person didn’t like, then the other person will get to make the next decision.”

The duo’s stage name was inspired by a “random beat”.

“The name came from the time we were jamming in 2019 and I was playing this drum beat I made up,” Ms Wheatley said.

“My dad, who is also a drummer, came in and said it sounded a bit edgy, so that’s where we got ‘Edgy’ from.

“And then we thought: what rhymes with edgy?”

Edgy and Hedgy recently released their first EP, titled EST. 2019.

It’s named after the year the duo wrote their first song.

The Wheatley’s are truly a musical family, with both parents’ avid musicians and the kids’ playing instruments from five-years-old.

The duo’s mother, Louise Wheatley, even produced their album.

“It’s very rewarding to be able to record your own children in the studio,” she said.

I’ve worked with a lot of different musicians over the years, and I would definitely say it’s my highlight to be able to record my own children.”

Edgy plays violin, percussion and lead vocals; Hedgy plays acoustic guitar and harmonies.

EST.2019 is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube.

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