Eco-friendly fashion mulch

Groundbreaking technology that turns old clothes, bedsheets and workwear into mulch and seed mixture is being trialled on Logan grass.

BlockTexx, a Loganholme-based ‘clean technology’ company, has created a process to chemically separate natural cotton fibres from synthetic polyester, which can then be blended with grass seed and fertiliser to be used as “hydromulch”.

This hydromulch is being trialled in the dog off-leash area at Underwood Park in Priestdale.

If successful, it could provide an environmentally friendly avenue for old clothes previously destined for landfill.

BlockTexx co-founder Graham Ross said the technology was “incredibly important” for the environment and product development.

“Recycling is one thing, but resource recovery – that’s the future,” Mr Ross said.

“Cotton breaks down to cellulose, which contains about 43 per cent embedded carbon and is the building block to plants and animals.

“By combining that cellulose into a hydromulch mix of fertiliser, grass seed and water, we are effectively taking what nature grew in the first place and putting it back into nature.

“We can move [the cotton] … into the building industry to make tabletops and playground equipment.”

He said the leftover polyester could also be reused.

Mayor Jon Raven said he wanted Logan’s economy to be built on renewables, recycling and innovative industries.

“This ticks all three,” Cr Raven said.

“BlockTexx has quickly become a leader in the recycling industry, helping cement our city as the place where innovative ideas are born and grow.

“This is the first technology in the world that breaks textiles down so they can be completely recycled – that’s good for our community, good for our economy and good for the environment.

“Our city’s future will be bright if we can encourage more businesses like this one to thrive here – after all, Logan is the perfect location for smart investors.”

A second section of grass was reserved for council’s regular turf growth procedure so growth could be compared.

Council said a thick layer of grass now covers the hydromulch site, “which looks considerably healthier than the comparison grass patch” just four weeks after the trial began.

“BlockTexx scientists have also recorded higher levels of moisture retention in their patch,” council said.

Final results from the trial are expected in late May.

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