Dearest Gentle Reader, which Bridgerton character resonates most with your true nature?

This article is best read with an English accent.

The eagerly anticipated and splendid reveal of the latest season of “Bridgerton” has finally come upon us. As a flurry of ball gowns decorate Netflix screens, romance and British accents have seemed to capture the heart of many. Indeed, the character one may favor can disclose a great deal about one’s personality. 

Should you find yourself drawn to Mr. Colin Bridgerton, you may be an individual who craves travel and possesses a curious mind. Colin Bridgerton’s loyalty seems to grow greater across episodes but the most unique aspect of his nature is his optimism. His penchant for observing only the noble qualities in people makes his character only more endearing. Nevertheless, his tendency to do so also leads him to be rather naive. If you find yourself relating to this “Bridgerton” character, you may be a spirited and adventurous soul who occasionally bestows unwavering trust in the people. 

If you favor his sister, Miss Eloise Bridgerton, you may have a rebellious nature, fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a disdain for tradition. Eloise Bridgerton dares speak her mind against societal expectations and indulges in afternoons solely devoted to her passion of literature. She defies convention and finds herself in a constant search for truth and intellectual pursuits, pausing only to humor those around her. If you identify more closely with Eloise, you may be an individual of sharp wit who finds passion in obtaining wisdom and one who effortlessly conjures laughter. 

A character such as Miss Penelope Featherington may also attract watchers. Her sheer sweetness envelops the people around her but her lack of confidence acts as a burden upon her shoulders. If you resonate more with this persona, you may encompass virtues of tranquility, loyalty, grace and kindness. Her genteel manners provide her with a charming personality under which may hide great intelligence. This character may be a  suitable match  if you, dear reader, are more inclined to embody a soft and calming presence for others. 

Should you feel an affinity for Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, you may be an individual consumed by the importance of duty, who shows their honorable nature by taking on the responsibilities of their family. Beneath his protective and composed exterior lies a complex, tormented and vulnerable soul. If you favor Anthony Bridgerton, you may be a passionate being, devoted to family and traditional values. Honor, devotion and passion weave through your persona as they do through Lord Bridgerton. 

If Miss Kate Sharma is the one you fascinate yourself with, you may be a person of strong spirit. Kate Sharma embodies strength and confidence through her sharp wit and indubitable charm. Her compassion and spirit enable her to speak her mind whenever her desires are challenged. She presents an independence and assertiveness which demonstrate a powerful nature. If the character you seem to prefer is our dear Kate, you may relate to her empathetic but fierce nature. Her audacity proves to be very useful as she seems to grow in confidence and begins to express her needs. The sensitivity within her mixes sublimely with her courage and resilience, allowing her to become the epitome of feminine empowerment. 

If you find yourself enchanted with the wonderful Duchess Daphne Bridgerton, first daughter of the Bridgerton family, you may be appreciative of the very product of a genteel upbringing. Her poised and elegant self superbly embodies grace. If Daphne is your preferred choice, you may identify with her buoyant and hopeful personality. Her endearing but seemingly innocent and naive nature presents a calm and refined image. If you relate to this fine diamond, you may be a resilient but tranquil and serene person who enjoys a calm environment and prioritizes politeness and elegance. 

I trust that you, dear reader, have found the character who resonates most profoundly with your inner personality. Whether it be the sharp Eloise, the graceful Daphne, the charming Colin or the intelligent Penelope, may their passions resonate with your own. 

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