Cost of living electrical rebate

Cost of living electrical rebate

I know the national and global cost of living pressures are affecting everyone in the Woodridge Electorate, everyone in Logan and across the state.

I hear that from people in our community and I know my electorate office are often hearing how people are struggling as prices continue to rise.

That’s why on Thursday I announced that the Queensland Labor Government will be delivering a $1000 rebate on electricity prices to every Queensland household.

Eligible seniors, pensioners and concession card holders will receive $1,372 off their power bills.

That’s the biggest ever rebate offered by any government in Australia’s history and is expected to save Queenslanders more than $2.5 billion.

The rebates will come into effect from July this year.

It’s important that those of you who could are eligible seniors, pensioners and concession card holders share your details with your energy provider.

This will allow them to automatically apply the larger $1372 rebate to your account.

It is also important to note that some eligible concession card holders in a household, are not the electricity accountholder for that home.

So to receive the larger rebate, the electricity account holder must be the concession card holder.

Either way, even the $1000 rebate will mean many households in the Woodridge Electorate won’t pay anything for electricity.

This is nearly double the $550 electricity rebate that was paid to households this financial year.

The direct return to households recognises the increased pressure on household budgets as a result of growing everyday expenses like mortgage repayments, rent, groceries and fuel.

This cost of living relief is something I have been determined to deliver for the people of Woodridge because I know how every dollar counts in my electorate.

It’s also why there will be more cost of living measures in the upcoming budget.

This builds on the record $8.2 billion of cost of living concessions in my last budget.

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