Bella Astillah says Aliff Aziz cheated on her 11 times, including with her sister

Bella Astillah says Aliff Aziz cheated on her 11 times, including with her sister

Bella Astillah says she has enough evidence of Aliff Aziz’s cheating, including with her own sister

Last month, Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz found himself embroiled in a scandal when he was detained by Malaysia’s religious police on suspicion of khalwat or close proximity with a woman who wasn’t his wife, Malaysian singer-actress Bella Astillah.

He was reportedly seen at an apartment with Malaysian actress Ruhainies, who was also detained.

Although Aliff and Ruhainies both maintained that nothing inappropriate happened, Bella eventually filed for divorce from her husband, whom she wed in 2016 and shares two children with.

Source: @bellaastillah on Instagram

Recently, the 30-year-old gave an emotional interview where she dropped some shocking bombshells about Aliff, 33.

She claimed that he had cheated on her 11 times, including with her younger sister — and she has enough evidence to prove it.

Bella Astillah claims Aliff Aziz cheated on her with her younger sister

On Wednesday (3 April), Bella gave a press conference during an iftar or breaking-of-fast session in Selangor, where she did not hold back her tears or her damning allegations.

According to Berita Harian (BH), Bella accused Aliff of cheating on her more than 10 times.

“People know that Aliff cheated only four or five times, but it was actually 11 times,” she said. “I have proof and Aliff knows this.”

Bella then addressed the rumours that she had planned for the authorities to catch Aliff for khalwat.

“I did not provide any statement because I myself was shocked,” she clarified. “You think I have the energy to do all that?”

Source: mStar Online Malaysia on YouTube

The actress went on to say that she doesn’t like it when people ask her if she’s returning to her hometown, Sabah.

Choking up, she stated: “To be honest, I don’t have family in Sabah anymore.”

“As many people know, I have three sisters,” Bella continued. “Aliff once cheated on me with my younger sister, Eriqa Astillah.”

Bella (centre) with her sisters Eriqa (left) and Didi (right)
Source: @bellaastillah on Instagram

“I loved Aliff so much that I was willing to throw away my own family.”

Bella added that she has never revealed this matter to anyone but was “forced to” as people she admired, such as her in-laws, unexpectedly turned against her.

“The worst thing — and I regret it — is that I disowned my sister, but not Aliff.”

Bella alleges that sister accompanied Aliff to singing competition

Bella started suspecting something was up between her husband and sister sometime in 2022.

Back then, Eriqa purportedly texted Aliff requesting he pray for their relationship when he and Bella went on their Umrah or minor pilgrimage.

Eriqa even accompanied Aliff to Gegar Vaganza, an annual televised singing competition in Malaysia.

Source: @bellaastillah on Instagram

“God, my chest hurts to say this,” Bella cried. “This is a secret my family and I have tried our best to keep.”

“The issue with my sister was a very big mistake. Our entire family has not returned to our village.”

Claims Aliff visited Ruhainies’ home at least 8 times

In addition, Bella said that Aliff had been to Ruhainies’ home at least eight times, BH stated in a separate report.

She also has recordings of their inappropriate conversations in his car.

The vehicle was a gift from Bella and is equipped with a GPS tracker for security purposes.

One day, she worked up the courage to check the GPS logs after hearing rumours of Aliff and Ruhainies’ affair.

It was then that she realised her husband had been to Ruhainies’ Pavilion Suites condo more than eight times.

Source: @ruhainies7 on Instagram

Once, when she saw that Aliff’s car was at Ruhainies’ place, she called the latter, who feigned surprise.

“Ruhainies said she didn’t know where Aliff was, but the tracker showed that they were together,” said Bella.

“If she was my friend, why would she lie? I’m not just saying all this, I have proof.”

Moving forward, Bella simply hopes that Aliff and Ruhainies will stop covering up their mistake and finding fault with her to bury their khalwat case.

“If Ruhainies wants to bring me down, I believe that God’s power is greater than hers.”

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Featured image adapted from mStar Online Malaysia on YouTube and @bellaastillah on Instagram.

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