Bee-lieve it – honey handcrafting

Bee-lieve it – honey handcrafting

A honey-extraction experience where local students can make beeswax and candles will be held in Bahrs Scrub this coming school holidays.

An introduction to the important contribution bees make to the environment is on offer in the next KRANK School Holiday Program.

Honey producer Bee One Third will host the session, which will teach children about the role bees play in food production as the pollinator of plants.

Company spokeswoman Kathy Knox said program participants could view frames holding bees and honeycomb and would be able to make their own beeswax candles.

The event will be held at Brookhaven Sales Centre on Wednesday 3 July, from 11am to 1pm.

Bookings open at next Monday 10 June at 9am and can be made at

Clay, ceramic, electronics, and game creation workshops will also be held across a variety of locations, including Logan libraries, this school holidays.

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