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7 fun and useful SkillsFuture courses you can do with your credits to up your game

SkillsFuture courses: Make use of your SkillsFuture credits by taking these fun courses

With the world rapidly evolving and growing increasingly competitive, it’s important for workers here to adapt quickly so as to ride on the wave and keep up with the different changes.

Not just that, burnt out workers who feel they’re ready for a new challenge can also do well to gain new skills and find new passions and opportunities in other areas.

The Government has been lending a helping hand in this area with the SkillsFuture programme, which was launched in 2015.

On top of the S$500 SkillsFuture credit Singaporeans receive at the age of 25, the Government topped up another S$500 for all Singaporeans during the pandemic. That’s a full S$1,000 to make use of.

Those aged 40 and above will enjoy an even better boost — they’d receive an additional S$4,000 SkillsFuture credit in May. Younger Singaporeans will receive the same amount when they turn 40.

Still, few have been making use of this initiative to upskill and find their dream job. A CNA report in 2023 said seven in 10 people have not used the SkillsFuture credits.

There are tons of courses available (more than 20,000 SkillsFuture courses, to be exact), whether you wish to take up a new hobby or to upskill and reskill. Here are seven we found.

1. Manage challenges in the workplace

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Soft skills are important in landing managerial roles in every industry. They empower you to connect with people and effectively lead a team.

The course “Manage Workplace Challenges with Resilience” in particular teaches you ways to develop personal resilience in the face of transition; that is, on how to adapt to changes more easily. At the same time, it allows you to lead and motivate others through these changes.

While it’s geared towards corporate employees, those in the supervisory role, service crew, and other customer-facing staff, the lessons are so versatile that those who have taken the course believe they can apply their learnings beyond their work life.

Full fee: S$360
After SkillFuture funding: S$180

2. Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

These days, knowing how to wield the power of artificial intelligence gives you an edge. So if you do any writing at work, consider this SkillsFuture’s course on using AI to enhance your research and writing.

Improve your data analysis, writing, and communication skills with the help of AI through interactive sessions and hands-on exercises. This course will also teach you the best practices for citations and how to avoid plagiarism.

On top of these, you get access to a ChatGPT Plus account for three months. This lets you take advantage of advanced features, including high-quality responses.

The course only requires eight hours and basic computer and internet knowledge. It’s applicable to anyone from academics to teachers, students, parents, hobbyists and bloggers.

Full fee: S$470
After SkillFuture funding:

3. Plumbing basics 

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Home repairs can be costly and even small fixes can add up. To reduce your home repair expenses, consider learning the basics of plumbing using your SkillsFuture credits.

This practical course equips you with essential skills, including proper water closet installation techniques, troubleshooting methods for high water consumption bills, and dos and don’ts for unlicensed plumbers.

You’d also learn about the types of chokes and ways to clear them.

There’s no entry requirement, so anyone interested can join. Plus, in just 20 hours, you get a new set of skills and receive a certificate of conformance as proof of your training.

Full fee: S$600
After SkillFuture funding:

4. Grow your own farm

SkillsFuture Courses - City Farming Elementary-min

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Knowledge of urban farming can help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle and save you some money. It’s also beneficial for those who want a fulfilled retirement life.

“City Farming Elementary” will teach you how to grow your own food in your own space. Topics covered include how to cultivate plants in various urban farming setups, planting procedures, plant care and maintenance, and workplace safety.

This course also serves as an introduction for those considering a career change to the agri-food sector.

Participants gain hands-on experience in this 16-hour course held over two days in small groups, and you don’t need a green thumb to sign up.

Full fee: S$300
After SkillFuture funding:

5. Basic hair-cutting skills

SkillsFuture Courses - Basic Haircutting-min

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Learning how to cut hair may not seem like a groundbreaking skill, but it’s a smart investment for saving money over time.

By mastering this skill, you not only save on personal grooming expenses but you may also offer haircuts to friends and family, or trade your services for other favours.

Moreover, it’s a valuable asset for volunteering opportunities.

SkillsFuture offers courses on basic haircutting for men, women, or infants and children, each running for 10 hours.

On top of hair cutting, you’ll learn about pre-treatment activities, the structure of one’s hair and scalp, and post-treatment activities.

Full fee: S$350
After SkillFuture funding:

6. Enhance your personal branding

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A strong personal brand allows you to leave lasting impressions and help you in achieving your career or business goals.

This personal branding course allows you to learn the ways of global luxury brands, which according to the course introduction, “command great attention and are always envied”. You’ll get to assess the characteristics of these popular brands and apply them in your personal life.

This one-day course is ideal for professionals seeking to improve themselves to boost their career prospects. It’s also great for entrepreneurs who wish to network with individuals who have found success in the same field.

At the end of the course, you’d hopefully be able to develop a unique and refined personal style that will aid you professionally and socially.

Full fee: S$1,000
After SkillFuture funding:

7. Become a fitness instructor

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Turn your interest in exercise and fitness into something profitable by learning how to become a fitness instructor.

This fitness instructor course will teach you how to handle gym equipment safely, perform basic exercises correctly, and gain an understanding of basic physiology.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to carry out basic fitness assessments and prescribe suitable training programmes for your trainees.

Note that you need to have passed either Basic Sports Science, Basic Exercise Science, Intermediate Sports Science or an equivalent course to register.

The course runs for 40 hours and you are required to pass two exams to get a certificate.

Full fee: S$800
After SkillFuture funding:

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